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Thursday 28 May 2015

A fire, a wig and lots of smashed china - last night's Corrie

How brilliant was last night's Coronation Street? I can't wait for 9pm tonight to see what's going to happen. By all accounts it gets even better.

So here's last night, in a nutshell. I'd love to hear what you liked or disliked about the episode too.

The image of the night, the week, and possibly the year on Coronation Street. No words needed.

FIRE rages in Carla's flat. Leanne breaks the door down, she and Kal save Amy (who isn't in a dairy-induced coma). They almost make it out of the flames and into safety but parts of Victoria Court started falling on their heads. Will they get out alive?  Carla got out safely, tended to by first-aider Roy who covered her with his jacket and gave her a notepad - because Roy always carries a notepad, that's just the sort of man he is - so she could write down the code to the door.  She managed to get one word out - Amy.

Over at the Rovers, Liz smashes everything she can get her hands on. The one thing she does want to smash to pieces is Tony, but he's not there, he's done a runner by the looks of things, so she takes out all her anger on the crockery instead. Some wonderful dialogue and comedic timing, but the heartache of Liz was painful to watch.  "I don't want a brandy! I want to smash things!"

Jenny and the wig, calling herself Melanie and planning to run away with little Jack? Oh go on, then. I wanted Jenny Bradley's return to be that of a mature, settled woman, willing to make amends for ripping off Rita in the past. But as she's now turned into a full-on psycho from hell, let's go with it and pretend that's what we wanted after all.  She is her father's daughter.  Maddie has found her though... what will happen next?

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Nikki NZ said...

Loving it. And that we've been a bit conned by the so-called "spoilers". The acting last night was extraordinarily good. Especially from Carla, Leanne and little Amy. Oh my. Imagine if Tracey lost her daughter due to her own obsessiveness. Just before, as we know, she's about to lose her Mum.

Tvor said...

Ohh good catch with the poster, I missed that!

I really enjoyed everything all week so far. Though we know Amy will be ok, I really can't see them killing off a child in that manner, Tracy did inadvertently start the fire and Karma's a bitch!

Anonymous said...

I thought it a bit odd that Leanne wouldn't have called for the fire brigade before trying to smash the door in herself.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where the other tenants at Victoria Court were. Wouldn't they have been knocking on doors to get the others out?

Anonymous said...

I really loved the fact that it was Leanne who saved Carla. I really enjoyed their "friendship" and didn't like the two falling out over the stupid Peter.

Anonymous said...

Amy must have been in some sort of coma, if Leanne hammering on the door, breaking down the door, and yelling for Carla didn't wake her.

Alison said...

You can see Leanne check her pockets after pressing carlas buzzer I assume to take out her phone which she finds she didn't have on her, so she then manages to remember the code.

Anonymous said...

Leanne would know the code, right, because she lived in the building with Nick?

AmandaB said...

The wooden Nazirs spoiled it for me.
I was shouting at the tv for the other residents of the flats to appear and it seemed so unrealistic that they weren't there until the last minute.
And have I missed something, but where is Tony?

Anonymous said...

Tony drove Steve and Michelle to the airport. Liz left a message on his phone telling him not to come home. It's too bad, I was looking forward to the confrontation between Liz and Tony and seeing his face when he realised she knew what he was up to.

AmandaB said...

Thanks for the info, shows how much notice I was taking of a boring but! Tony WOULD come back though wouldn't he that's daft.


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