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Saturday 16 May 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 15 May 2015

Who knew that Katie Price’s You Only Live Once would not only be chosen by Yasmeen for her book club, but serve as a theme for this double episode in which Kal worries about Zeedan’s future, Eileen toys with the idea of meeting a fictional online crush, Faye mourns her freedom, and Liz wonders if Weatherfield holds anything for her anymore. Coronation Street can surprise us, and the biggest one tonight is that Anna Windass’s behaviour could become any more deplorable than previously seen.

“I’m 47 years of age, I’m all on me own; do you know what? I didn’t sign up for this” she moans at Tim. The reality is that this is exactly what she signed up for when she sent Owen packing and insisted that her 13 year old daughter keep a baby she was honest enough to say she didn’t want.

She refuses to let Faye attend a school trip, but infinitely more understanding Tim offers to look after Miley so she can go. On finding out, Anna walks out of Roy’s mid-shift without saying anything, snaps at strangers, screams like a harridan on reaching Faye’s voicemail, and wheels the baby to the school where she viciously berates her daughter publicly in the most deplorable fashion. With bullies clearly enjoying the display, Anna doesn’t even have the sensitivity or emotional intelligence to move the conversation elsewhere and persists with her tirade in which she announces “You should have thought about that before you went dropping your knickers at the ice rink.” I never agree with bullies, but when one says “Your Mum’s a freak Faye,” you can’t but. 

While Anna rightly apologises to Roy, from whom she could learn even a modicum of understanding, she refuses to say sorry to Faye for what was an unforgiveable performance. Her language is as vile as her behaviour as she orders Tim to get something irrelevant into his “thick skull,” and describes how Faye “dropped the sprog” and I honestly didn’t think I could like her less than I already did.

“Faye should’ve wanted to be there with Miley at the doctors” she tells Tim, and again I’m reminded that Faye told all that she didn’t want to keep the baby. What kind of social worker fails to make a return visit after such an admission on the part of a child with a parent who clearly has other ideas? Faye demonstrates that she has more sense than her mother when she tells Anna that part of the struggle is her attitude.

If the display at the school serves any purpose, it at least appeals to Jackson’s conscience, and he arrives at the flat with his mother to take responsibility and have his name put on the birth certificate. He apologises to Faye and his mother is determined that one mistake won’t rob either of them of their future. Anna later confesses to Tim that she’s struggling and I have zero sympathy for her. Tim is kinder to her than she deserves, and it’s clearly not appreciated as she’s anything but humble on being invited around to invade Sally’s dinner-√°-deux.  Unapologetically plonking herself down at the table and munching into crisps, I sat, head in hands, at this dreadful woman.

Todd appears frustrated to learn that Adrian has stayed the night and ramps up operation Jeff by sending Eileen a message to say he’s coming to Lancaster. While Sean thinks she should ignore it and that Adrian should be her priority, Todd makes her wonder if she’d regret it.

He’s not the only one planting seeds in the minds of those who should be happy with what they have. Tony takes the credit for saving Liz from the assault he set up, and uses it to try persuade her out of the business. As she dreams of her time in Spain, he suggests that part of Steve’s problem is that he lives with his mother at 40 and this might engender feelings of failure in him. Tony puts it to her that if she liberated Steve she'd be doing him a favour, and then once he pays off the imaginary debt collector, they’ll both be free to make a break.

This certainly appeals to her as she wonders why she’s staying in Weatherfield. After she has enjoyed champagne and pampering at Audrey’s, Ken walks into the Rovers to find himself faced with a Manet in the form of Liz. His comment on her low cut top and ripe oranges was hilarious and delivered as only Ken can. Technology was certainly being put to use in Weatherfield tonight, and Ken conjures up the picture of Un bar aux Folies Bergere on his phone to show her. Liz looks at the painting, and it’s as if she’s faced with her own reflection, noting that the barmaid looks miserable. At least a bit of culture with Ken has her feeling momentarily better, but she is left pondering foreign shores which will suit Tony down to the ground. Will she end up painting herself into a corner?

Kal’s concern for Zeedan isn’t unfounded as he is fired by Tony for having Simon with him on a job and breaking a television. Leanne impresses Kal and Yasmeen by taking matters into her own hands. I’m not normally a fan, but seeing her smash up Barlow’s Buys in lieu of the wages Tony was refusing to pay him was oddly satisfying.

On the whole, Anna Windass's behaviour made this pair of episodes a difficult watch as she was so dominant in both, but in the main I enjoyed the rest of the scenes, and really felt that Ellie Leach in particular shone throughout.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Anonymous said...

Great review as always Emma. What I didn't understand was Tony's impassive, and ultimately submissive, reaction to Leanne's destruction. Who is she to him exactly? It all seems weirdly tangential to the Liz-Steve-Tracy Rovers plot???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,I thought Tony's reaction was similar to Nick's when Leeanne was again smashing up bottles to get Nick to admit he was faking his seizures as revenge for her affair with Kal.I don't think it was linked to the Tracy\Tony plot just a strange coicendce.
What didn't make sense to me was where was Faye and Miley while Anna was having tea with Tim and Sally?!Anna is allowed to go out but Faye is not allowed to have a life?

Anonymous said...

"dreadful woman" pretty much sums it up. Great review Emma.

Zagg said...

Leanne busting up Barlow's Buys for Zeedan's wages was insane. It has nothing to do with her. Tony was right to sack him. It is a job site and bringing Simon was stupid. He destroyed property. Sacking was appropriate. And her appropriate response should have been stern words with Zeedan and Simon about being responsible when you are lucky enough to have a job!
Once again the writers have missed the boat and contrived ridiculous plots and responses. I wonder if these actors get embarrassed with these sorry story lines, having to deliver such crap.
And Anna? the real world someone, a neighbor or teacher would be calling Social Services on her. It's child abuse. Period.
Isn't it funny that SB and these writers make every woman with any kind of baby story completely mad, or incapable or ridiculous? Tina/Izzy....problems. Jenny Bradley....crazy. Faye/Anna....incapable and crazy. Erica....ridiculous. Even back to Molly....affair with husband's best friend. with a CRAZY husband. with a cheating husband. Kirsty....completely bonkers. Carla....miscarriage. Julie...incapable if having a baby. Kylie....has a baby,does a runner. WTH?
Surely there must be ONE normal family having a normal baby situation somewhere in Weatherfield?
These writers and SB can not relate to real women at all.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Zagg. When Anna was kicking off at Faye in the school yard, where were the teachers/adults? The kids were just getting off the bus when Anna showed up. Wouldn't there have been someone there supervising them? And if they saw an adult yelling at one of the kids, wouldn't they, at the very least, have tried to find out what was going on and to calm things down? As the school would know that social services had been involved with Faye because of the baby, the logical next step would be for them to alert them that there was a problem and that Faye was possibly being abused.

Anonymous said...

If someone at the school had seen Anna's behaviour towards Faye, social services would be called and this nonsense would be swiftly over once Miley was taken into care. That's why no one was around when the kids got off the bus.

Leanne's behaviour was indeed ridiculous and uncalled for but I think too often people seem to forget that she is a Battersby under the skin. Acting crude and violent is just part of her nature... as is burning down her own business for the insurance money.

Anonymous said...

Next..Faye hits the road and bogs off - snapping under the pressure.

maggie muggins said...

Great write-up, Emma! I've had a lot of patience with Anna up till now, but that's it - I wash my hands of her.

I enjoyed the girl-talk in Audrey's shop. And Liz with Ken. She did look fine and the bar scene set up to frame her.

I've also had it with Tood's creepy interference in Eileen's love life. Some of the things coming out of his mouth towards her verge on vulgar, about her looks and what she gets up to. I'm no prude, but his made-up Dubai persona with romantic comments make me cringe.

maggie muggins said...

Oh! I forgot to mention how pleased I was when Leanne mentioned that she and Kal had watched a doc about fracking, and how interesting she found it. Too bad it went nowhere, but I know at least one other fan here from Canada who enjoys seeing this sort of thing on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

@ maggie muggins - maybe they're listening! I also enjoyed the fracking reference, although, like you said, it would have been nice to have follow through. However, it's still a start:) There was also the reference to black vs brown vs blue bins last week. (I guess brown bins are the equivalent of our kraft bags.) Has anyone else noticied that, in general, the TV options in Weatherfield are getting more eclectic? We recently found out both Mary and Todd are hooked on that 'political thriller' about municipal corruption in Finland.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE leanne and enjoyed those scenes. However while watching it I'm still confused as to how a Battesby will allow wimpy 12yr old Simon abuse her. I really hate this future storyline because it's so uncharacteristic.

abbyk said...

With much ado about bin colors, there was the one forgotten that is really beginning to stink, and that is the white trash known as Anna. Comparing a 13 year old to the drug addict who abandoned her was cruel, the berating her in front of her schoolmates was demeaning. Every thing else is just stupid, short tempered and ill bred. I really hope Faye gives up Miley and gets tossed out by Anna so she can live with Sally and Tim and have a chance at life. Yeah, Sally will be unhappy at first but it isn't as if Faye is a toddler who needs constant attention, she's a smart teen who needs safe harbor and guidance. If Anna leaves in shame, that would be just fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 13:47, we'll have to see how the writers fill in this storyline, but, even if Leanne is a Battersby, she will always have a soft spot for Simon, won't she? It's like David holding back against Callum for Max's sake. It's the other side to their violent character, loving their surrogate (or adopted) kids.

abbyk said...

As annoying as Anna was, Ken and Yasmine were much needed relief. The Manet bit with Liz was priceless (and, as an art wonk, was my 1st thought as well) and Yasmine toned down and acting cool was refreshing.


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