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Friday 15 May 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 15 May

Friday 15th May
FAYE’S LEFT HOLDING THE BABY Anna reminds a sullen Faye that Miley has a doctor’s appointment. Tim escorts them to the Medical Centre but when Faye tells Tim she’s missing a school trip to a museum, Tim relents and lets her go. Faye skips off, glad to be free of her baby. As Faye boards the coach, a group of girls make bitchy remarks but Faye does her best to take no notice, while Jackson studiously ignores her. Anna’s furious to learn from Tim that Faye pulled a fast one and left him with Miley whilst she goes go-karting with her mates. Anna meets Faye off the school coach and in front of her friends, hands over Miley, telling Faye she needs to sort her priorities out. How will she react?
ZEEDAN SUFFERS AT THE HANDS OF TONY Bored, Simon insists on following Zeedan to his building job. Once there Zeedan trips over Simon’s tennis ball causing the telly to fall from the wall and crush Zeedan’s foot in the process. Having surveyed the damage, Tony sacks Zeedan on the spot.
LIZ LOOKS TO THE FUTURE Tony plays the caring boyfriend, telling Liz how worried he is for her safety. Liz reckons the run in with
the thugs was a one off and just a hazard of running a pub. But when Erica advises her to hang on to Tony as he’s one in a million, will it get Liz thinking?
ELSEWHERE Todd’s annoyed to discover Eileen and Adrian loved up after spending the night together. He quickly sends Eileen another message from Jeff. Adrian suggests that now they’re exclusive, she should delete her profile from the dating site. But egged on by Todd, will the temptation to check her messages be too much for Eileen?

Friday 15th May
ANNA RELIES ON HER EXTENDED FAMILY As Faye’s school mates clamour round the baby, Jackson pushes his way through the crowd and stares at Miley. Back on the street Anna’s at the end of her tether, accusing Faye of treating Miley the same way her own mother treated her. Faye’s upset but they’re interrupted when Josie calls at the flat with Jackson in tow. Josie explains how upon seeing Miley at the school, Jackson admitted that he’s her father. Faye listens, stunned, as Josie explains why she and Jackson are here.
KAL’S IMPRESSED BY LEANNE’S FIRE In tears, Simon relates the incident with Tony and Zeedan’s sacking to Leanne and Kal. Fuming Leanne storms into Barlow’s Buys and demanding Zeedan’s wages, starts smashing up the stock. Will Tony be forced to bow to Leanne’s demands?
LIZ FALLS FOR TONY’S PLANS Liz admits to Tony she’d love to move back to Spain but feels she can’t because of Steve. Tony points out that part of Steve’s problem is that he still lives with his Mum at the age of 40. Continuing to sew the seeds, Tony assures Tracy he’s well on the way to persuading Liz to move to Spain and very soon the pub will be theirs.
ELSEWHERE When Eileen receives a message from Jeff telling her he’s visiting the UK and suggesting they meet for a  drink, she’s clearly excited. Egged on by Todd, will Eileen agree to meet up?

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Anonymous said...

Anna is becoming more vile every day.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Arrgch - look at that picture of the miserable old bully. I detest Anna these days. Windasses Begone.

Anonymous said...

With a bit of luck, Jackson's family will take the baby and let Faye be the child she is.

Absolutely detest Anna for how she is treating Faye, just so wrong on so many levels.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Something strange is happening in this storyline. I can't believe we're supposed to detest Anna. Surely we're meant to believe that she means well but is getting it wrong. Well, that's not working for me and I think, as in many storylines, it's because there's no balance. Roy was trying gently to comfort Anna but it really needs someone as strong as Anna eg Gary/Owen/Izzy/a female friend to thrash out with her why she's acting so harshly. Atm, she's coming across as a harridan rather than a caring mum who's misguided. It doesn't look like Miley will be adopted and, if that's the case, it's a real shame. Could have been a great story.

Anonymous said...

Why is Anna so bent on Faye being a mum? The girl clearly wants nothing to do with the babe and will only resent her as she grows up. Maybe Anna will see sense and put Miley up for adoption. Julie and Brian perhaps? That would be an interesting plot...IMO anyway.

Anonymous said...

Could Anna have had a baby very young and put it up for adoption and this is bringing back all sorts of unresolved feelings?

Beth said...

Anon 13.28 Interesting theory but surely that would have been brought to the surface during her adoption of Faye. Aren't things like that on record?

Anonymous said...

Where are Social Services when they're needed? Not only is Faye being forced to keep a child she doesn't want (which will be very bad for the child), but she is, herself, a child who is being abused by Anna.

Anonymous said...

I also wonder where is Social Services as Anna is punishing Faye for getting pregnant.Perhaps if she wasn't so obessed with 'protecting' Gary from Phelan and then Roy and paid attention to her daughter,this wouldn't have happened.
I also have no sympathy for Eileen and cannot wait to see her face when she finds out 'Jeff' doesn't exist.For someone who whines how lonely she is only to mess about the genuine bloke she does meet,she deserves every heartache!

Anonymous said...

Anna is forcing this, because Anna doesn't want Miley to rattle around in foster care the way Faye did. Anna would feel guilty if she let that happen.

Let Julie and Brian adopt Miley and have a happy ending as they move away!

Anonymous said...

If Jackson's family takes the baby, then Jackson is forced with the same obligation being forced on Faye. As I wrote above, why can't the writers let Julie adopt the baby? Happy ending for all!

Anonymous said...

To anon. 18:10 - Miley is a healthy, white newborn. She is hardly likely to end up in foster care, as there are huge lists of prospective parents who wish to adopt a baby just like Miley. That is what should happen.

Zagg said...

I agree, this Anna obsession with the baby and the way she is treating Faye is sickening and actually uncomfortable to watch. She is mistreating her own daughter. And right, Social Services should be all over this.
And also in keeping with the sickening trend is Toad writing creepy stuff to his own mother a la Norman Bates. Yuck.

abbyk said...

Faye has had no adult to talk to since Miley was born, at least not one who would actually listen to her. When Brian comes back, he'd be an adult she knows and could trust. one real conversation, thats all they need. I've already put myself in the Julie and Brian adopting Miley camp; being kind and helpful to a desperate kid in need would redeem Brian from the foolishness surrounding his departure.

Rossie said...

Jackson's mother said something just before they left Anna's that has got me wondering whether they are going to suggest adoption. She said something like that the two young people's lives shouldn't be spoiled by becoming parents so young, I forget the exact words. But I wonder whether this is why they want Jackson's name onthe birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the social worker who visited? It was obvious that there was tension and disagreement within the family, but she seems to have just abandoned them.

Nikki NZ said...

I used to be in the minority, as up until now I've really liked Earth Mother Anna. But that scene at the school was despicable. Who talks to a 13 year old girl like that especially in front of other children?

Are the writers trying to make Anna loathsome so as to write her out sometime soon?

Beth said...

I have just watched the episode and I was sickened by Anna's performance. I have a daughter Faye's age and am really trying to imagine the situation and how I would feel. Emotional, tired, upset, shocked probably. But I don't think I would ever march down to the school gates and scream and show up my daughter in front of her peers like Anna did with Faye. Love for your daughter would prevent you from doing that as you would want to protect her from as much embarrassment as possible, being so vulnerable having had something so huge happen to her.

Has Anna never heard of post natal depression. Faye is prime for it with all that's going on. Anna is playing the martyr and is playing a wonderful "Woe is me" right now. I detested her last night. She was wicked. And after the way she spoke and treated Roy not that long ago she should take a leaf from this Gentleman's book on the treatment of others.

John McE said...

Leanne smashing up the shop was a bit contrived, wasn't it? Just to give Tracie another excuse to torch the flats.

I wonder if she'll have a row with Nick in the next week?

Anonymous said...

Yet another cringe worthy episode, with so much lousy writing and ridiculously contrived situations. Tony shouting, Leanne shouting, Anna shouting-do they WANT us to turn off? I can barely stand to watch the show.


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