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Sunday 24 May 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for May 18 - 22

Kings of the World

Defeatist award: David is convinced he's going to lose Max, it's only a matter of time.

Troublemaker award: Bethany told Callum all of David's dirty secrets which then got used against him in court. Ooops.

Phrase of Doom award: Liz "I do know how lucky I am" (and there it is, folks. It won't be long before her life falls apart!)

Prewedding jitters award: Steve couldn't face the bus ride to the stag do (why didn't he take the train?) and Michelle has a face like a wet weekend at her hen do.

Financial tangles award: So Tony bought Steve's share of the pub. Steve gets the money from Tony (Travis Ltd.) and gives it to Tony to repay the tax loan. Basically, Tony's bought half the pub for nothing so technically, wouldn't Steve still owe him that tax money? And Carla's buying Liz's share of the pub so she's now in partnership with Tony (Travis Ltd.). My brain hurts.

Wrong end of the stick award: Someone tried to fix Jason up with a fit ... bloke! Turns out that they were in a gay bar. (That was quite funny! Mr. Gay Weatherfield strikes again!)

The higher they rise, the harder they fall award: Tracy Barlow and it's always enjoyable to see her crash and burn!

Lines of the week:
Bethany "Where am I ever gonna find a decent role model in my life?" Nick "Shut up"
Tim "Comes to something when I have to be the sensible one, don't it?"
Michelle on her love life "It's a bit more like Horlick's these days than flaming Sambuccas"
Steve to the dog "Sorry, mate, man's best friend has just been trumped by a man's best fiancee"
Andrea "Can you see through walls?" Carla "No but I can get out of sports cars in 7 inch heels without showing my knickers"
Tyrone "You can't have a stag night with out a stag" Jason "Why not?" Tyrone "Cause then it's just a 'night'".
Tony "If we're going to do this, let's do it respectfully" (I don't think that's possible!)
Michelle "If the Platts gibbed off every time they had a family emergency, they'd never earn a penny!"
Erica "No pouring a drink over your mother's head" Nick "Are we taking all the fun out of it?"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Great mate’s award: Steve gets the collywobbles about going in a mini bus again after his accident. So what do his “mates” do? Do they try and support him and go into town and take a cab – no they disappear off to have the stag night without the stag to some obscure pub miles away. Eh?

Driver award: Wasn’t Lloyd the driver of the mini bus? Why then did he get as drunk as a Lord? I really couldn’t see the point of all this, perhaps someone could explain.

Embarrassingly awful scene award: Andrea burping and drunkenly singing into the microphone hanging around the Rovers while everyone else is busy trying to prepare for the wedding. Absolutely cringe, the sooner this pointless character goes the better.

Fastest solicitors in the world award: In just 24 hours Carla decides she wants a share of he pub, raises the thousands of pounds needed, has the solicitors look at the paperwork and they seal the deal. Frosty would like their number please for next time he moves house.

Random award Roy’s new friend and the cordial and £30 bottle scene. I didn’t really understand what it was all about. Sharif is much better without Yasmin in my opinion.

Wash your face award: No school would allow Bethany to turn up with that make up plastered all over her face. She would be sent to wash it off. I bet she is much prettier without all that slap on as well.

Shadow of doom award: Eric and Nick “celebrating” yet another bay bay in the Bistro, this never bodes well.

Anonymous said...

Finances untangled:
Tony gave Steve the money twice (1. the loan which Steve used to pay off the tax bill and 2. the payment for his share of the pub).
Steve gave Tony money once (used the money from the sale of the pub to pay back the loan from Tony).
So Tony paid for the share of the pub which he now owns.
And Steve is in the same position he would have been if he had just sold his share of the pub to pay his tax bill.

The question is, if Tony is shown to have acquired a share of the pub by fraud, will the transaction be nullified?

And I think Carla will mop the floor with Tony. She's "not so green as cabbage-looking."

corrierules said...

Re finances: Tony has his 10K back AND owns half of the pub. So therefore he is not out of pocket. If he were to sell his share, he would have the $ from the sale and he's been repaid by Steve. It's as if he had just bought out Steve in the first place, when Steve first had the tax problems. Ir am I missing something?

And Anonymous: If I had Carla AND Liz as enemies, I would be afraid. Very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Corrierules...yes, that was my point. I was commenting in response to the suggestion that Tony had bought half the pub for nothing and that Steve still owed him money.

And Carla and Liz and Tracey as enemies: dead man walking.

Tvor said...

I'm still not straight on the finances:
1. Tony lent Steve 10,000 for the tax bill. Steve owes Tony 10 grand.
2. Tony then paid Steve 10,000 (or whatever that share of the pub was).
3. Steve then gave Tony 10,000 back to repay the loan.
It still seems like Tony has shelled out 20,000 and got 10,000 back, and for 10,000, the tax bill loan, owns a share in the pub. But really, Half the pub for 10,000? That pub is worth way more than 20,000.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they specified how much Tony paid for Steve's share of the pub. The point was, that Tony said he needed the money back that he lent Steve for the tax bill, and the only way Steve could raise the money right away was to sell his share of the pub. He probably got more than the 10,000 for it, so anything over the 10,000 he paid back to Tony, he would keep. At least, that was how I understood it.

Anonymous said...

Tony paid himself $10,000 - he just used Steve to do it and gained 1/2 a pub in the process. Therefore, Steve actually paid him back but Tony bought the pub for anything he paid over $10,000.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how Tony would be considered to have purchased the pub using fraud - Travis Ltd. is an actual company and the purchase was undertaken by his lawyer on his behalf. In other words, his limited corporation bought the pub, not Tony. Withholding his identity during the transaction is his prerogative, not fraud. I don't recall anyone who sold the pub asking who the owner of Travis Ltd. was.

Tvor said...

I don't think it's fraud, no. I just couldn't figure out if Steve still owed Tony the tax money but one of the anonymous posters' comment makes it clearer.

Sarah Beeny said...

Its not about money or fraud, its so Tony can have the shares all in his name and so have the majority ownership and can run it with Tracy but of course Carla has to ridiculously "gazump" him at the very last second.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether or not it would be considered fraud, but Tony did force Steve into a position where he was had to sell because Tony claimed, falsely, that he needed the loan paid back immediately. Given that Tony was intending to buy the pub himself when he did this, I was wondering whether this could be considered fraudulent. Any legal experts care to weigh in?

Anonymous 02:50, Tony would have paid Steve the full purchase price for the pub. Steve would have used part of that money to pay back the additional 10,000 Tony had lent him previously.


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