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Thursday 14 May 2015

Deirdre Barlow's exit storyline revealed

I wasn't sure whether to blog this or not, but I have decided to do so. The reason I hestitated was because I know it's a major spoiler and some people won't want to know. If not, look away now and read on no further.

However, the reason I have decided to post these details is that as a Coronation Street fan for over 40 years, I feel like I've grown up with Deirdre Barlow. She's a character who meant something to me. And her death on-screen will never be easy to watch, no matter how well the storyline, the acting, the dialogue by scriptwriter Damon Rochefort, it's going to hit me hard.  In that respect, being forewarned is forearmed, so I can steel myself ready for the day when Deirdre dies.

The Sun have the details today. Deirdre is going to die peacefully, after suffering a suspected brain aneurysm.  Bev Unwin will return to explain that Deirdre died peacefully in her garden after packing her bags to return to Weatherfield. As Deirdre's friends and family sob, Bev will present Deirdre's wedding ring to Ken in a final poignant gesture.

The scenes were filmed earlier this week and reportedly reduced several members of the cast and crew to tears.

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See also the following as we get ready to say goodbye to Deirdre Barlow:

Interview with Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow) on saying goodbye to her on-screen mum

Interview with William Roache (Ken Barlow) on saying goodbye to his on-screen wife

Interview with Corrie scriptwriter Damon Rochefort on writing out a legend from the show

Deirdre to die on her 60th birthday, July 8 2015.

Peter Barlow and Bev Unwin are returning.

Coronation Street build their own graveyard to film Deirdre's funeral

Tracy's ex-husband Robert Preston returns.

The funeral has been written by scriptwriter Damon Rochefort
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C in Canada said...

Just reading about this put me in tears too.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm sure they'll pull all the stops out for Deirdre's funeral. The writing, acting and directing will be first class. We will all be moved to tears - and then? I hope Deirdre is mentioned regularly forever. Tracy must change in some way. The character ought to be thinking about how to care for her ageing dad and her teenage daughter. Enough of the slapper, Tracy has to grow up or she must leave.

Anonymous said...

Why did they have to leak it in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Personally I wish the fictional cause of Deirdre's death had been connected to her appetite for more life. I seem to remember that Elsie Tanner's death was recounted as a Grace Kelly style plunge over a cliff in a fast car. Or something like that. Why couldn't Deirdre have bought a plane ticket to one of the places she wanted to go instead of the caravan holiday in Wales, and then news reaches Weatherfield that the plane has gone down? Anne Kirkbride seemed too young to succumb to a terminal illness - I wish her character could have met a different fate.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Crombie (Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables) just died of a brain aneurysm this past month and he was only 48! It is possible that Deidre had one and passed as well.

- Pod

Anonymous said...

It would be very poignant if Deirdre had gone to Morocco to look up Samir's family and died there, in a place where she had been happy, under the sun, away from her demon daughter and dreary husband.

Anonymous said...

@ -Pod It's not that young people don't die of brain aneurysms, just that Deirdre seemed destined for a different kind of passing.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Even Frosty will have his box of Kleenex ready as he has followed Diedre since her young day as Diedre Hunt the secretary of builders yard.

Please can this now be the redemption of Tracy, her dreadful behaviour is wearing more than thin these days, the shouting in the Rovers the other was cringemaking. Otherwise she is just going to be an old woman roaming around the street in bright red lipstick gurning and shouting at everyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 22:35, how did you expect Deidre to die, in a torte throwing fight with Tracy and Ken?


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