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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Preview of tonight's Corrie - Steve and Michelle's wedding

Coronation Street, Tuesday 26th May
TRACY HAS MURDER IN MIND As Tracy vows to destroy the lives of those she feels have wronged her, Steve waits nervously at the registry office for Michelle. Will the wedding go ahead without a hitch or will Tracy wreak revenge? Later that evening a dark and disturbed Tracy turns her thoughts to Carla. With murderous intent Tracy uses the keys she stole from Michelle’s bag and lets herself into Carla’s flat. As Carla lays asleep on the sofa her life is in Tracy’s hands as Tracy picks up a possible weapon...
LEANNE’S ON THE BRINK OF HAPPY-EVER-AFTER Kal leads Leanne out to the Rovers back yard and goes down on one knee. But he’s annoyed to discover he’s forgotten the ring and telling Leanne not to move, sets off to find it. Leanne’s stunned.
JENNY’S PLAN IS THRUST INTO ACTION Jenny packs Jack’s belongings into a holdall, ready for their getaway.
ELSEWHERE Sophie suggests to Maddie that after they’ve done up their new flat, they should have a holiday. Liz vows to confront Tony over his betrayal.

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Anonymous said...

Liz certainly doesn't have a lot of luck with fellas, does she?

Tvor said...

It was good last night but I really wanted Liz to take chunks out of Tracy.

Anonymous said...

I really felt bad for Liz when Tracy spilled the beans. She didn't say a word but you could just feel her pain. Poor Liz. Next!

Mr Elf said...

Didnt they really have anyone else to get up on ladders and put up the bunting rather than rather doddery 80 something Ken Barlow? Not very Health and Safety!

Zagg said...

I wonder where they are going to go with Tracy after all this. She is already a murderer out of prison on some trumped up soap-ish technicality. But now, we see her with real murder in her heart once again. Unless she has a come to Jesus moment in the near future, after this story arc is finished, will they just blend her back into story lines as if nothing has happened? There's a big difference in just being a bitch (like Norris at times) and being a calculated serial murderer, even if your plan does not work, you're still a murderer at heart. That is not being crabby with your neighbor. That is being a psycho.
Personally,after seeing her with a weapon in her hand in Carla's flat, it will be hard to watch her moan at Ken, play with Amy or mourn her mother this summer, without thinking....she should be in prison. Period. I just can't imagine what the future holds for this character.

Anonymous said...

True, Zagg. Anyone who plans and carries out a revenge murder can pretty much be considered a psycho. Tracey has been that since the murder of Charlie Stubbs. It's becoming disturbing to see her walking around free.

Anonymous said...

It's odd how the residents on the street don't seem to be bothered about having known criminals hanging around - Tracey the convicted murderer and Callum the drug dealer. These aren't minor offenses.


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