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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Corrie's big week - what do you think so far?

We're two days in to Coronation Street's big fire week - what do you make of it so far?

I'm loving it.
I admit, I was sceptical about the whole thing. Putting our favourite show on every night of the week at a time to suit another programme (Britain's Got Talent) to make the most of ITV's viewing figures, always seems to me to be a cynical ploy to grab viewers. 

And I've never been a fan of big explosions, crashes, fires, deaths and murders on which the world of soap turn. Give me an arched eyebrow and a cutting comment instead and I'm happy.

But despite my scepticism I'm really loving it so far.  And that's not because of the fire, which we'll see tonight, and the who'll live? or who'll die? cliffhangers.  That's not why I love Coronation Street and it's not why I'm loving this week's episodes either.

Why I'm enjoying Corrie so much this week is the real drama of it all. Liz, of course, with her broken heart and broken dreams in the back room of the Rovers.  I do wish she'd slapped Tracy when she had the chance, but she might have been in shock when Tracy broke the news to her that she'd been bonking Liz's bloke in the back room of Barlow's Buys.  Maybe the slap will come later, maybe not.

And the hair.  What's not to love about Liz's beehive? It's been the campest thing this week, so far.

Carla has been wonderful, standing in as Liz's friend in the place where Deirdre would once have been.  Taking Tracy down a peg or two in the ladies loo at the Rovers was a wonderful scene and even little Amy has been on good form.  Mind you, all Amy's talk about hot chocolate and cocoa that grandad Ken makes for her, reminds us that Amy has a dairy allergy which seems to have been forgotten about even though it once had a storyline all its own.

Sally and Tim have been ace, as usual. Being late for the wedding reception in the Rovers after a spot of how's-your-father. Wonderful stuff.

And of course Steve and Michelle's wedding went off without a hitch. I'm glad Liz has packed them both off on honeymoon earlier than planned so they'll not be involved in the fire. I doubt Steve would have been able to cope, in his still fragile state of mind.  It's good that they've gone off on holiday, hopefully to return when all is calm on the cobbles once more.

But until then, there's a fire coming tonight...

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Anonymous said...

One ponder, call me picky but.... I reckon Carlas pad must be worth a bit so I'm a bit surprised it only seems to have one bedroom? Amy is taking Carlas bed and she is on the sofa. When Rob stayed the night before his wedding Im sure they both had rooms. Is this just a convenient way of putting Carla in the living room oblivious to Tracyluv and the candle?- Micky

Anonymous said...

Tim was all 'Bruce Willis'..too funny! Tracy found that box of matches in no time - I guess she can see in the dark - evil catwoman that she is.
Liz..awww...stabbed in the heart yet again. Well, like they say, the next bus will be along any moment.

Alison said...

I like that they didn't release a spoiler about Amy being in the flat. Other people might have guessed but it came as an interesting twist to me.Im a sucker for reading spoilers so it was nice to be surprised. Liz has been great, the fact that she didn't lash out at Tracy was really sad to watch as it shows how strong she thought her relationship with Tony was. The scenes with her an Carla were lovely too. And thank goodness a wedding that went without a hitch!!
I also like the fact that Tracy didn't purposely set the flat on fire, will make for an interesting fallout, how she copes.
All in all really enjoying this weeks episodes.

Anonymous said...

Who were all those strangers attending Steve and Michelle's wedding? For instance, the blonde girl whom Simon asks to dance? And the guy and his son sitting behind Liz and Tony? Were they Tracy's friends from school? The ids of Steve's Streetcar associates? It was just weird to see so many unfamiliar faces at a small, relatively intimate wedding ceremony.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yes a lot of unfamilar faces but some familar ones conspicuous by their absence - Andy for instance and no mention of Jim. However it was nice to see Mammy and Pappy Connor and Ryaaaan even got a mention. I did feel sorry for Liz.

For me this has been Contrivance week, from the convenient - the keys are in my handbag scene, we have had Maddar and Sophie making a big thing about planning their future and Kal proposng to Leanne when we all know these two things are just not gonna happen as they are toast!! Plus Carla looking after Amy for the night when she ha had no interaction with her at all and her grandad Ken is available.

Rosie said...

They always bring in 'rent a mob' for weddings and funerals, faces we haven't seen before or ever likely to see again.

Anonymous said...

@ Rosie, but usually they don't do close-ups on the faces of strangers. I guess they needed to spotlight the blonde girl to set up the Simon connection. As for the others, because the space was small, we saw more detail of their faces than we normally would...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Liz asking Carla to look after Amy was all that far fetched. Tracey lives in Ken's house, and Liz said that she didn't want Amy staying with Tracey in the mood she's (Tracey) in. Asking Carla to take her made sense because Carla already knew what was going on and Liz wouldn't have to explain to her why she didn't want Amy to stay with her or Tracey that night.

How did Tracey find the candle so quickly in the dark?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Frosty and also thought that it was contrived for Amy to stay with Carla when there has been no interaction between them in the past .Surely Ken would wonder why Amy was with Carla instead of at home?
In general I thought Liz's and Carla's friendship contrived.It was about a year ago that Liz kept quiet about Tina and Peter's affair but now she and Carla are friends?!It would've made more sense if it was Eileen comforting Liz instead of Carla.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's so much a friendship between Liz and Carla, as Carla happening to find Liz upset and asking her what was wrong, rather than Liz seeking her out as a confidant. Probably if Eileen had happened along instead of Carla and noticed that Liz was upset, Liz would have confided in her.

From what Liz said to Carla, it seemed as though the plan had been for Amy to say with Liz that night, but, as she was going to confront Tony, she didn't want Amy to see that, and also didn't want to send her home to Tracey.

Anonymous said...

Re: Amy's milk allergy. I was very allergic to milk as a child, but grew out of it. Maybe that has happened to Amy. A more likely scenario is that the chocolate milk or cocoa is made with a milk alternative - ie. almond milk, rice milk, etc.

Anonymous said...

I heard Carla say "virgin hot chocolate," which might be my imagination playing tricks on me, but it might also be the kind of hot chocolate you make with water, not milk.

Laura said...

Didn't she say 'Belgian hot chocolate'?

Anonymous said...

I heard 'Belgian hot chocolate' too.

Tvor said...

Belgian yes, and always possible she could use soy milk. I can see Carla having that on hand.

I've really enjoyed it so far, (working on a nice long blog post with pics) not finding it that contrived though it was awfully convenient that Carla left the matches by that tall candle that Tracy was able to find in the dark instead of bringing a flashlight with her from the shop or something!

I always manage to suspend a lot of disbelief, they have to set these things up and nothing was all that spectacularly unbelievable. I didn't think they'd actually have Tracy go through with anything murderous bbecause they'd have to get rid of her and they don't want to do that. I do think it's Karma that Tracy's daughter is caught up in the fire but I have no doubt she'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

This is just speculation, but...I think it will be suggested that Amy was responsible for the fire because she had the candle burning earlier and people will suspect that she didn't put it out properly before going to bed. If Carla is unconscious in the hospital, she will be unable to confirm that the candle was extinguished before Amy went to bed. Tracey, realising that she was responsible for lighting the candle again, will then be torn between letting Amy be blamed and admitting what she had done.

Anonymous said...

Belgian Hot Chocolate - probably Highlights (low calorie stuff made with water - sounds about right for Carla).


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