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Saturday 16 May 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Bins, Babies, Men and Manet

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Erica takes Liz on a pamper session to Audrey’s salon. In a lovely scene, Liz, Erica and Audrey bond over gossip about men and hair rollers. Ken comes into the Rovers later to tell Liz she looked like a Manet painting. Just one of the many reasons I love Corrie.

The Rovers was sold from under Liz’s nose and behind her back this week. Tony’s bought Steve’s share of the pub in the name of Travis Ltd.  He puts the frighteners on Liz when he brings in a couple of heavies to throw their weight around with Liz. She’s now thinking of going off to Spain which is just what Tony wants.  Tracy can’t wait to get her hands on his pumps.

Billy comes clean to the Bishop this week and Sean stays over at the vicarage.  I do hope these two get together full time, have a wedding and live happily ever after. 

Eileen’s got a smile on her face this week after Adrian stays the night.  Jeff from Dubai (aka Todd) is still messaging her and she still hasn’t deleted her online dating profile.  Is it just me or is there something slightly sick about Todd pretending to be his mother’s online fancy bit of stuff? 

Faye continues to struggle to look after baby Miley. Tim’s called in for babysitting duties and when he finds out that Faye wants to go on a school trip, he sends her off and looks after Miley. Anna’s livid when she finds out that Tim’s undermined her and storms off to school with the baby to give Faye a dressing down in the school yard.  Faye’s mates are embarrassed by the goings on, but it does bring Jackson to his senses. The baby’s dad and her grandma call round to see Anna and Faye to tell them Jackson has admitted he’s Miley’s dad and they want his name on the birth certificate.  Anna has been so nasty to Faye this week over looking after the baby. “You of all people,” Anna screamed at her, “telling that baby she’s not wanted. It’s history repeating itself.” I did a sharp intake of breath.

Tim has been wonderful this week, loving his little granddaughter and taking more interest in her than he ever did his own daughter.  Sally’s not best pleased with him though. She plans a romantic dinner for two for him but when he comes home he brings with him Anna, Faye and the baby. Sally’s dreams of a romantic night in are quashed yet again. Tim and Sally work so well together, they’re one of Corrie’s joys right now.

In other news this week, Yasmeen and Zeedan reappeared after weeks how knows where. Tony sacks Zeedan which made Leanne so angry so stormed round to Barlow’s Bookies to chuck things about. Once a Battersby, always a Battersby and more the better for it. It’s about time we saw that side of her again.   Yasmeen, meanwhile, led the book group in the community centre with a reading of Katie Price’s book.

Elsewhere this week, much confusion was had over the bin day dilemma – was it blue or green bins? And Weatherfield County sacked their manager, McGiligan. Well, he wore wellies on the touchline. He should have known better.

And that was just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Rossie commented in another post that Jackson's mother remarked that two young people's lives shouldn't be spoilt. Well spotted, and that got me thinking.

Giving the writers the benefit of the doubt, I wonder if they are deliberately making Anna loathsome, especially in that scene at the school gates. Maybe this is how it goes. Jackson feels sorry for Faye and tells his mother. Her plan is to get Jackson's name on the birth certificate and make sure the young parents are listened to by social services. She appears to be very capable and wouldn't be intimidated by Anna. I hoped this would happen; that a strong adult would argue for a better life for all by giving Miley up for adoption. Anna will obviously be against this idea and threaten Faye that if she goes ahead with the adoption, she can go and live with her dad. The adoption does go through and Faye moves next door for a while. She and Anna are eventually reconciled.

That's the way I hope it goes. Miley shouldn't be brought up by either of the young parents. If the writers decide that Julie and Brian can adopt Miley, that's fine, too.

njblas said...

Yasmeen's back? Shame...

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Humpty.

At 13, those kids are way too young to be raising a baby even with grandparents help. Case in point is Sarah Louise, look how her sprog turned out!

What I don't get is that Anna, Tim and Jackson's Mum should be furious about what's happened, instead of acting like this is all perfectly normal.

Anonymous said...

Anna's treatment of Faye is child abuse. I can't stand watching it.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

"Anna, Tim and Jackson's Mum should be furious about what's happened, instead of acting like this is all perfectly normal"

While I fully agree with this, it seems like the writers are trying to avoid repeating aspects of the Sarah-Louise pregnancy story of yore. Back then, Gail was livid, ashamed, plotting to move to Canada and pretend that Bethany was hers. Now it's like they're saying, because the culture is more evolved, we've got a different kind of dysfunction. Instead of trying to cover up the situation, Anna is making herself and Faye insane by acting like it's all okay, just one more bit of toil in an overall race to the bottom. However loathesome Anna is, I think Debbie Rush is doing an awesome job portraying her well-meaning but wrong-headed lunacy. Earth Mother on crack. Faye was right when she said Anna would always find fault with anyone else's mothering but her own.

Anonymous said...

Humpty, I thought the same thing when Jackson's mother said that about not spoiling the rest of their lives. I think (hope) her plan is to see that Jackson's family have some say over what happens to the baby and that it's not all left up to Awful Anna to decide.

Zagg said...

On the real Corrie Street, Audrey would not be hobnobbing it with way over the hill, Erica. She would be giving her an earful for plotting to ruin her favorite grandson's life.


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