Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - FIRE!

Coronation Street Wednesday 27h May
CARLA’S LIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE With Tracy having snook from the flat will anyone find Carla before it’s too late? And when flames suddenly start licking through the building it looks like there could be more than one person in jeopardy!
KAL LOOKS TO THE FUTURE WITH LEANNE. Kal rushes back to Leanne, explaining he went home to fetch the ring so he could propose. Leanne’s thrilled. Will they get their happy ever after?
MADDIE CATCHES JENNY RED HANDED Maddie’s perplexed to find Jenny at No.13 wearing a wig with her bags packed.
ELSEWHERE Liz seethes over Tony’s betrayal but will he stick around for a showdown?

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Anonymous said...

Will anyone find Carla? Of course someone will. We know Allison King is not leaving till next year. Will Leanne and Kal get their hoary ever after? Of course not, as we know Jimi Mistry's contract is up. They must realize these teaser are meaningless nowadays.

Anonymous said...

So, it turns out the fire wasn't started deliberately then.

I wonder if Amy will get out alive?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I could give myself a small pat on the back, guessing that Tracy didn't start the fire and it was down to a candle catching light. Except it was pretty obvious from the scene between Tracy and Ken and later between Tracy and Carla. Soap rule: whoever claims they're going to get their own back is never responsible for the explosion/fire/death. Now we'll see Ken saying: 'Tracy, how could you?' with her protesting her innocence.

There were some silly bits like how easily Tracy found the keys, got into the flat and, incredibly, lit a candle to see in the dark!

Anonymous said...

Hang on a second, Tracy did start the fire? Yes she lit a candle but she knew that by putting it where she did sh would start a fire? Am I viewing this wrong?- Micky

Anonymous said...

Tracey certainly was responsible for starting the fire. The question will be, was it intentional?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[16;09]Since the fire started while Tracy attempted to bludgeon Carla,I think it was intentional as she thought the fire would cover up her crime.
Since Nick,Sarah and Bethany also live in Victoria Court,does that mean that one of them gets killed off or will poor David have to suffer them again at his house?

Anonymous said...

I personally think Kal will die - saving Leanne and Amy - just before his happy ever after. That will make an interesting storyline for Zeedan, coming to terms with the loss of both parents. Maybe he'll bond with Leanne more in the aftermath.

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