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Sunday 31 May 2015

Corrie weekly awards for May 25 - 29

Out of Control award: The tram crash had nothing on the havoc Tracy Barlow is wreaking on the Street this week! Jenny has lost her reason, too!

All grown up award: Zeedan finally gives his father his blessing to ask Leanne to marry him.

All Saints award: Sinead gave Steve hearty congratulations and started off a group chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". No grudges there, obviously.

Tradition award: This is the third wedding that sparked Sally and Tim's passion. I think that counts as the beginnings of a tradition!

A Party's a Party: Who needs the bridal couple when there's a buffet and a bar anyway?

Fashion shout outs: I actually liked Liz's fascinator. Michelle's dress was lovely and I liked Carla's dress, too.

Backfire award: Tracy left a candle burning and it's what caused the fire. She probably thought the fire wasn't such a bad thing but she had no idea Amy was in the flat.

Hell's not quite frozen over: Tracy went to express condolences and thanks to Leanne and even sounded sincere, but she had an ulterior motive, of course.

Bravery award: Amy was smart, scared as she was, she blocked the smoke at the door and stayed low!

Superman award: That big chain on the builder's fence didn't hold Tim back for long!

And a special award this week for the effects and stunt team behind the scenes!

Lines of the Week
Kal "This is turning out to be the most disastrous proposal ever!" (worse than you know, mate!)
Liz "What's life without risk?" (you're about to find out)
Sean to Steve "Will you be sucking on a Fisherman's Friend in Lloyd's honour?"
Tracy "Cheers! Calm before the storm, eh?" (Oh I have a very bad feeling!)
Maddie "Weddings are funny things" Norris "They certainly are round here!" (that's the truth!)
Barry Connor "How can I sound positive about marriage when I'm being heckled by me own wife!"
Tracy "There's no point in lighting a fuse if you're not going to stick around and watch the fireworks"
Tracy "That's the problem with me, I'm too nice for my own good"
Liz "I don't want a brandy. I want to break things."
Ken "For goodness sake, Tracy, when are you going to stop wrecking people's lives! And just when I thought you'd turned a corner" (Naivite, thy name is Ken Barlow)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Physic award: How did Bethany recognise Kylie from one glimpse when she has never ever met her? Don’t say she has seen a photo as you would never recognise her with her hood up hiding in the shadows.

Another physic award: How could the fire brigade tell that the fire started with a candle when it would have melted and disappeared completely along with the lamp shade?

Launch award: Again Simon is launching himself into the arms of someone – this time Zeedan who he seriously hero worships and almost stalks.

Get off the ladder award: If Leanne had paid more attention to getting out of the burning building rather than just standing on the ladder giving Kal the answer to his marriage proposal, perhaps things could have been different. Very quick to blame Carla though and shout at her in the Street. Only last week she was smashing up Tony’s shop. It is hard to have much sympathy for this character.

Smash up award: Liz started smashing things up when she found out about Tony, what is this with smashing everything on the Street any time you get upset about something? – what are you going to achieve exactly apart from loss of self control and sanity?

Who knows the PIN award: Carla had to write down the PIN no for Leanne to get into the building as she lay on the ground coughing. How then did Tracy know it to get in and if she took Carla’s keys, how then did Carla get in with Amy?

Laura said...

Why wouldn't Leanne know the PIN number...didn't she live there with Nick??

Anonymous said...

Tracy used Michelle's sрare set of keys to get in - will michelle miss them when she returns?

Hilda Ogden Domestic Goddess said...

Perhaps Kylie is wearing a hoodie in all the family snaps and that is why Bethany recognised her instantly from seeing her for all of three seconds.

Where were she, Sarh and Nick and the rest of the occupants of the block of flats when Leanne who seems to also have second sight recognised Carla's flat was on fire from the slightest flicker?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Tim and the others Carla gave the PIN to. Leanne had already gone in with Kal after she entered the number herself.

Anonymous said...

No way a fire investigation would have wrapped up that quickly with the cause of the fire being known as a candle left burning.

Anonymous said...

Missed opportunity award,After the way they both betrayed David and are now back at the house with no remorse and helping themselves to Kylie's clothes,I was disappointed that neither, Sarah or Bethany were in Nick's flat when the fire started as I think I would prefer to see these two killed off rather than Kal or Maddie who's in critical condition [for the moment].Along with Tracy the mother\daughter wrecking David's life crew needs to get their well deserved comeuppance!

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with that, Anon 19:42, would much rather they'd killed off Sarah & Bethany. Worst additions to the cast for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Along with Callum of course (goes without saying).

Tvor said...

Perhaps if you have keys you don't need the code to the door. Tracy would have needed the keys to the door to the flat, she may just have waited for someone else to come in and came in behind them.

KAOS said...

I wonder what's next on the list of things to blow up, Die Hard style? The Salon hasn't been done yet, has it? How about the surgery? Or the bus stop, perhaps?

How about an earthquake, caused by fracking? Perhaps some debris from the space programme could come crashing down on fact-ry at same time.

Or - how about this for something REALLY spectacular and usual - incredibly well-realised characters, expertly acted by genuine talent? That'd be a real shocker! Trouble is, that's been done before, in the '60s, '70s, '80s, and even the '90s, so I guess we'll have to plough on with the explosions and the chavploitation.

lizzieizzard said...

The event on the ladder was ridiculous kal ex army would be down that ladder quickly. Tracy it's time for you to tell that you lit the candle .....


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