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Friday 29 May 2015

Tracy's Revenge - burning issues

So there we have it. Kal is no more and it's not looking good for Maddie. Following the slowest rescue in history, Carla, Amy and Leanne survive to fight another day on the cobbles. Who knows what happened to all the other Victoria Court residents, and who cares? 

We are now left with the fallout from an eventful few days on Coronation Street. Old rivalries start to re-emerge, cracks appear in once strong relationships, and a tangled web of lies dominates the Street. Zeedan is left heartbroken at the loss of his dad Kal, making orphans of him and his sister Alya. But a surprising relationship will emerge out of the fire, as Zeedan and Leanne strike up a friendship, which comes about as Leanne struggles with Simon's behaviour. The upcoming domestic abuse storyline involving Leanne and Simon has been well publicised but Zeedan's involvement in helping her through her ordeal is a surprising twist, although the Coronation Street blog understands it will go no further than friendship.

With Maddie now in a serious condition in hospital, Jenny is hoping her actions this week will remain a secret. But what of baby Tom, and her plan to run away with Jack? The lies and revelations of her dead child will continue for a while longer, but will Maddie ever be able to warn Kevin and Sophie before it's too late? A voicemail left on Sophie's phone amid all the panic might just give the game away. I asked actress Sally Ann Matthews how she felt about the character descending into what can only be described as 'madness', and how that might affect the longevity of her character. She said she didn't really acknowledge that Jenny wasn't 'normal' at first:

"When I got the scripts I didn't really think about her being mad, or abnormal, and I don't think when she came back on the Street she was. I just took the scripts and played them the best way I could as the story progressed, without thinking about whether she was mad or not. But now we all see she definitely has issues and we'll see all that come out.'

"I don't believe that she's planned any of this. Jenny was very reluctant to look after Jack, you have to remember that."

Producer Stuart Blackburn told the blog that the resulting storyline following Maddie's accident and Jenny's deception will lead to a 'coming of age' period for Sophie Wesbter, as she and her family come to terms with the aftermath of the fire. 

As Tracy tries to cover her tracks and ensure the blame for the fire stays at Carla's charred door, the lies and deceit spread throughout the street. But some lies have now been, or are about the be exposed. Tony has gone AWOL but will return to face the wrath of Liz and fight for control of the Rovers. Gavin's secret is still to be revealed, and with the whole family implicated, the Platt household is set for a bumpy ride, even more so now we've seen that Kylie is back. The custody battle for Max will continue, but who will side with who? There's some sad news for Nick too, as Erika loses the baby.

During all of this drama, we'll lose some cast members and gain a few, and we'll say a final goodbye to a much loved character. It's going to be emotional!


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C in Canada said...

Oh man! Being in Canada we're a bit behind, so I had no idea that Kal DIES in the fire!! I did wonder how they were going to get rid of him since he and Leanne were so solid, so it does make sense after I've gotten over the shock of that.
Does this mean that Tracy's a murderer two times over?
I do hope they catch her in the end.

Stevie said...

C in Canada - I'm so sorry, I tried my best over the past week to not give any big spoilers away. It's really difficult, especially as you are a bit behind us! You'll still enjoy the episodes though, they are great.

Anonymous said...

I think Jenny is going to pull a Karl and kill Maddie in the hospital, assuming she doesn't die first anyway.

And I'm surprised that Tracy really is responsible. I thought for sure this time she wouldn't be. And yes, this does mean she's a murderer again (double murderer if Maddie also dies without any "help").

Humpty Dumpty said...

It did strike me as odd that the three on the balcony were taking forever to get down the ladder. Actually, Leanne should have gone first to catch Amy, coming second, if she slipped. Amy not weighing that much wouldn't have put the ladder under too much strain. Also why were there no blankets stretched out by the neighbours at the foot of the ladder to encourage Amy?

Have I missed something because I don't know what happened to the keys Tracy stole from Michelle's handbag. At some point, that will surely come to light and the fact that Sean let Tracy through to the back room. Amy could deny that she ever left her tiara behind. Writing my own scripts here, but I'd love Amy to tell Tracy: 'I smelt your perfume when I went to the toilet.' Would be good if Amy works it out but says nothing in order to protect her mum.

Anonymous said...

I like Humpty Dumpty's script proposal. It would be interesting to explore Any's divided loyalties. So far I am enjoying Tracy's complex reactions, simultaneously pleased but also scared. She did not deliberately start the fire, but she knows her actions are indirectly responsible. (Sort of how Craig thought that by dropping a cigarette he might have started the Rovers fire, except, in this case, Tracy leaving the candle DID trigger the chain of disastrous events, but without intention.)

Anonymous said...

As usual there will be gaping plot holes in this story. Unfortunately we don't have an Agatha Christie or P.D. James on the the storyline team. They crank this stuff out on a very tight schedule, & at times like this, when they try to do too much, the mistakes really show.

Frosty the Snowman said...

How did Bethany reconise Kylie? They have never met and she may well have seen a photo but she wouldnt recognise her from a glimpse of the person in the shadows wearing a hoodie. Otherwise she has a marvellous power of deduction!!!


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