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Monday 18 May 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 18 May

This storyline – Callum – David – Max seems to have been with us for so l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g, but it seems now that soon we will achieve a resolution. It’s court time and understandably David, whose side we are surely on is feeling the nerves. For what it’s worth, if the audience was the judge, Max would of course stay with David. For all his faults, David has been a good dad to Max and clearly loves him.

Callum, on the other hand, has only recently become interested in his biological son, possibly in a bid to irritate David, to get one up on him and to punish him for having a relationship with his ex, Kylie. It seems likely too that Callum is not much bothered about Sarah, but as she’s David’s sister it gives Callum a further opportunity to undermine David.

David makes a sensible suggestion – that he and Callum settle out of court. As expected Callum is having none of it and clearly believes that he will win custody of Max. Has he forgotten that he is a drug dealer? Does the court know the full story? In court David is described as an excellent father to Max.  After spending time in foster care, Max was treated by David as his own son. The court is told how David is the one who takes Max to the doctor, and was determined to get a proper ADHD diagnosis.  He held it all together. Sadly David now lets himself down. After David’s crimes are listed – including sending Gail letters from her dead husband, pushing her downstairs and running a campaign of horror against Nick ending in a seriously debilitating brain injury. David is understandably angry to hear all his past deeds brought before the court but when told to shut up, he won’t. He carries on, saying that he is no longer that bad person and that it is all down to Max. Max has helped David to become who he now is and to leave behind the person who he was. Back at home, there is some lovely interaction between David and Max- not soppy not sentimental, but full of love. For now, David will have Max 5 nights a week and Max will stay with Callum for 2 nights. No matter – David still feels as if he has lost.

Sarah arrives at Gail’s with Callum in tow. David is convinced that Sarah has told Callum about what he did in the past though she strenuously denies it. It seems it was Bethany who gave away some information.

Liz is a woman of the world. She has shown that many times. See how well too she handled herself when she was attacked the other night in The Rovers. She had no idea that it was a set up, intended to frighten her and make her more willing to sell her half of the pub. She was strong, determined not to be frightened out of her own pub and put it down to one of those things.

But, Liz is in thrall to Tony. There is no doubting that Tony is a fine looking man, but he is not perfect. He seems unable to resist Tracy and either can’t or won’t see her for what she is – a selfish, conniving and deeply flawed person.

Tony has already hinted that part of Steve’s problems may be to do with the fact that he is living at home with his mum aged 40. Is Liz now ready to abandon The Rovers and head to Spain?

It seems that Liz feels safe with Tony and she knows how lucky she is. Surely guilt must be flooding through Tony. Travis Ltd. will be happy to buy her half of the pub. Steve and Michelle can run it between them.

It was my impression that neither Erica nor Nick was interested in a relationship. Yes, to looking after the baby jointly, but that was it. So is Erica jealous when she sees Nick talking to Carla?  

Gail gives us all a lesson in how not to be a mother in law. In fairness to Erica she tells Gail that she thought, ‘Little bump would like to say hello to grandma.’ Why has Nick asked Erica to stay the night?

So Steve has his mojo back and many get to know! Carla is Maid of Honour and as she points out, maids of honour are supposed to sleep with the best man but Andrea won’t let that happen.

Anna and Sally behave rather like children towards each other. It’s safe to say that Anna will never be Sally’s cup of tea – too common, too gobby. Neither though will Sally’s snobbery ever pass muster with Anna. But, for the sake of Faye and Miley, they need to suppress their own feelings. Good for Tim for speaking out and shaming the pair of them, making them look at themselves and try to improve their petty behavior. Rim up? Rim down? What on earth does it matter? It was though rather odd that Anna was washing Sally’s floor. Nice touch was when Jackson and his mum turn up and Jackson has his passport. ‘We’re going to the registry office not to Lanzarote,’ says Tim. Then he realizes. So Sally’s signature dish is cheese soufflé is it? According to Tim it’s Shepherd’s pie. Another great Timism is when he says, ‘It’s come to something when I have to be the sensible one.’

Very happy to see that Zeedan has much improved lately. Well, at least he’s not snarling the entire time. It could have been humiliating for him to have a woman, namely Leanne, fight his battles. Zeedan then is out for revenge, crowbar in hand. This is a very bad idea if he intends to use this weapon on Tony who sacked him so dramatically. Leanne tries to talk some sense into him. Will it do any good? She points out to Kal that she talks to Zeedan. Maybe Kal should too.

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LindaSonia said...

I couldn't be any LESS interested in the David-Callum-Max saga if you paid me. I just want it O V E R N O W!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to nitpick, but

1) How do these people afford solicitors? Where I live, a decent lawyer costs $600/hour. Is it that different in Manchester?

2) Who wrote Carla's line about 7" heels? 6" is about as high as a human being can go without falling over. 7" is porn shoot territory, unless they mean platforms.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree enough. The David, Callum, Max storyline is a perfect example of something dragged out so long that no one cares how it ends, just so long as it bloody ends!!

Anonymous said...

This whole business with Erica and the baby literally makes me feel sick. Why on Earth would Nick invite her to stay the night? Granted, it's not like he'd get her pregnant but is he that desperate for a romp? I had the impression that he intended to deal with baby but keep working on Carla. It's all nonsense. Utter nonsense. No sane woman whose as flighty and slutty as Erica would even give a second thought to keeping that baby.

AmandaB said...

Such an off putting two episodes.
The only redeeming bits were with Sally & Tim.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that it's highly unlikely a) that Erica would be pregnant in the first place - how irresponsible at her age - and b) that she would want to keep it anyway. At her age, I would rather cut my arm off than have another baby!

Dime said...

I thought so too. Disjointed,

Anonymous said...

Nick is a drip anyway. At least he's not grabbing his head every 2 seconds anymore. Also..where the hell is David Platt? I cannot stomach this mealy mouthed cry baby that he's been turned into. The old David would have run Callum over in a heartbeat and blamed it on his sister.
I also couldn't care less about the middle aged baby storyline. She'll miscarry anyway, most likely and we'll have Nick's moaning about how he always wanted to be a dad crap to look forward too.
Done. Tks

Simone Subversive said...

I'm enjoying the Nick-Erica (and bump)-Carla (and green-eyed Leanne) storyline. While I've only been watching Corrie for about 4 years, Nick and Carla are high on my list of favorites.

Lastly, rim down for mugs, and rim up for stemware--that's the way we do it in my household. They're both right.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Anna is trying to drive a wedge between Tim and Sally, making Sally look like the unreasonable one and praising every idea Tim has. I think she wants to play happy littel families with Tim, Faye and the baby. She really is a nasty little manipulator.

Zagg said...

Like everyone, I too will just be happy to see the end of the Callum/Max? David saga. The fact that they had Sarah/Bethany on the street for 5 minutes only to back stab David for custody of a child is just sickening. But of course in true Corrie fashion, there will be NO punishment for Bethany purposely destroying her uncle's life with her big gob. She sure is a testament to Sarah's horrible parenting skills. I hope Callum leaves and takes these two losers with him. Neither of them have ANY good qualities.


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