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Tuesday 19 May 2015

In pictures: the many wives of Steve McDonald

Steve and Michelle are due to get married on Coronation Street next week.

It's time then, once again, to look back at the many weddings and wives of Steve McDonald, so far...

Mrs McDonald No. 1
Vicky Arden.
Wealthy, orphan grand-daughter of Rovers landlord Alex Gilroy.
Married in St Lucia on 18 August 1995.

Mrs McDonald No. 2
Karen Phillips, they married for a bet on 30 August 2001.

Mrs McDonald No. 2 (again)

Karen McDonald, they married again on 18 February 2004, this time for love not money.

Mrs McDonald No. 3 - Almost!
Friday 13 March 2009
Steve's bride, Becky Granger was too drunk and the wedding didn't go ahead.

Mrs McDonald No. 3 - Second time lucky
Friday August 14th, 2009
Becky Granger

Mrs McDonald No. 4
Tracy Barlow, January 21, 2012
Separated at the wedding reception when Steve learned Tracy had lied about her miscarriage being caused by Becky pushing her down the stairs.

So far, Steve has had six weddings and four wives...will it be a happy ever after with Michelle? 

Glenda Young 
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Humpty Dumpty said...

This marriage has every chance of lasting but not because Steve and Michelle are soul mates. Steve's other wives left the Street because the actress wanted to leave Corrie. I don't see either Simon G or Kym M wanting to leave in a hurry. They could split like Ken & Deirdre and Kevin & Sally, but that would be up to the writers. It would be a good thing for Corrie if the actors wanted to stay long-term because The Rovers needs a reasonably stable couple at the helm and, eventually, Steve will get the pub back.

Milly said...

I really don't think so. And I also don't hope so. I want Steve to have someone better. I like him and Michelle Connor is not good for him. He's not her type either. They should not have been put back together.
It would be way more 'spectacular and explosive' to see Steve with someone fun and positive. He's a stellar actor and character and I don't like seeing him being used to help along someone in the show who 'NEEDS' a reason to be.
Geez whiz, Gail Platt is getting married for the 6th time, Steve for the 7th.. I can't say I know anyone let alone 2 people who have been married that many times.

Milly said...

A little off topic, but Humpty Dumpty, you got me thinking about a stable couple at the helm of the Rovers and Sally and Tim popped into my head.. wouldn't they be the best couple ever to run the pub. It would take us right back to the beginning again. Annie and Jack -- Sally and Tim --même chose.
Let's face it, Tim's a window washer and Sally's a 'sub-ordinate' at the factory (not her style at all)..
She's got some dough.. she's the brains, he's the brawn.
wouldn't that be perfect?

Dime said...

I agree, I think Tim and Sally would be a perfect choice to run the pub.

Anonymous said...

i always thought Steve and leanne would be рerfect - they showed more chemistry in 5 minutes chatting together last night than steve and michelle have ever shown!

vintgal003 said...

Gosh, Steve and Vicky look SO young...enjoyed Vicky back in the day...... All of Steve's wives have been a handful, that's for sure!!

ChiaGwen said...

Agree Anon re: Leanne and Steve. Thought this back when Becky left and yes more chemistry in 5 min with Leanne than 5 years with Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sally is as snobby as Annie Walker, it would be perfect!!

Anonymous said...

It might be very funny if there was banter between Gail and Steve about their multiple trips down the altar.

Anonymous said...

Karen was my favourite of Steve's wives. She was feisty and just as crazy as Steve used to be. It was so much fun watching them pull nasty tricks on one another!

Unknown said...

That's not a bad idea the Tim & Sally running the pub!? I've never put it to thought until now but it could work, yes!! :)

Anonymous said...

Karen was the worst wife, she kept forcing her teeth to the camera and was too gobby. Michelle was almost as bad. Her acting consists of folding her arms. Steve deserves someone lovely. He is the best actor and character on Coronation Street.

Anonymous said...

Karen was the worst wife until Michelle Conner. Vicky was the best, classy and not bossy like the others. Steve is great but the writers seem to enjoy pairing him up with the worst of the streets women.


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