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Thursday, 7 May 2015

More cast members have their Corrie contracts renewed

The tabloids are reporting that some of the Coronation Street cast have signed new contracts which to keep them on the cobbles for at least another year.

The four cast members reported in the tabloids are Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster), Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor - soon to be McDonald), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price) and Jennie McAlpine (Fiz Stape).

We already know that Les Dennis has confirmed his contract has been renewed for another 12 months.

And we know that the actors who play Carla, Lloyd, Kal, Maddie, Andrea and Julie are leaving. Maria will be taking a break when the actress who plays her goes on maternity leave.

Returning are the actors who play Kylie, Peter Barlow, Brian Packham, Robert Preston

And joining the show are The Bill actor Andrew Paul, comedy actor Paddy McGuiness and Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding.
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Anonymous said...

I liked Brian Packham ( Peter Gunn)
For his comedy value . It's a pity he will only be back to assist the departure of 'Julie Carp' . I will miss Craig Charles loads - but not Hayley , I think
Her talents are better for the stage.
I'm glad Chris G is back of only for Deirdre's funeral.

Anonymous said...

A previous article said that Carla was taking a break, not that she was leaving full stop. There is a world of difference!

ChiaGwen said...

SB must see something in Sophie no one else can see....another year of incomprehensible speech, whining, complaining the world owes her, having her dream job of part-time work in Dev's shop, where she can be nasty to all and sundry. To me, beyond comprehension why she is still on this show.

Anonymous said...

@ChiaGwen: Because she is a voluble, friendly young woman, because she gets along with everyone, because she's been part of the Corrie community since she was much younger, because working relationships between colleagues matter a lot, because she's photogenic and media friendly, because she's really cooperative and goes out on the publicity junkets without complaint, because she's part of the brand... just for starters.

Anonymous said...

Has it been confirmed how long Alison King's break will be? Until there is someone new in charge perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Is that Brooke Vincent's agent up there??

AmandaB said...

LOL I think it must be!

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