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Friday, 1 May 2015

First official pic released of Coronation Street fire

Hell hath no fury like a Tracy Barlow scorned and this month she’s going to cause some May-hem for the residents of Weatherfield.

Tracy’s hatred for arch-nemesis Carla Connor will reach new heights when she discovers that Carla has unknowingly scuppered her and Tony’s plan to take over the Rovers.

A haunting new promo exclusively screened on the Coronation Street website from today (May 1st) hints at the devastation that lies ahead.

With her landlady dream in tatters, Tracy will be consumed by rage for those she feels have wronged her - and if there’s one thing we know about this Barlow it’s that her revenge knows no bounds.

Viewers will be on the edge of their seats when Tracy challenges Liz to a showdown shortly before Steve and Michelle’s Big Day, when Tracy will reveal every last excruciating detail about her and Tony’s affair as well as how they had planned to usurp the Rovers throne.

While Liz will want to protect the Wedding from Tracy’s vitriol, Tracy’s not one for tradition and she won’t rest until she’s wreaked some havoc on the cobbles and exacted the ultimate revenge on the one person who just always pips her to the post - Carla.

Tracy’s revenge on Carla will fuel an explosive week on the ITV soap which will culminate in a massive fire at Victoria Court. But will the fire be part of Tracy’s plan, or will her vengeance take on a mind of its own?

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Carry On Blogging! said...

How many buildings have caught fire now?!

C in Canada said...

How much damage can one woman cause? Really, the 'Toxic Tracey' image is getting to be just a bit much. I wish the writers would toss her butt back in jail where it belongs.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tracy had the chance to become a more developed character when Rob went to prison and, for a while, it looked like that was her wake-up call. She's due another after her mother dies. That could be what tips her over the edge, losing the one person she could always rely on. Perhaps Tracy goes up in flames trying to rescue Carla. I don't see where else her character can go so the explosive live episode could see the end of Tracy.

Jane said...

Please let it be the end of Tracy! As Humpty says, there is just nothing else left for the character.

Anonymous said...

An echo of Dierdre's "oh, Tracy" went through my mind while reading this. Kind of like the gentle breeze of a lost fragrance smelled in the air. For Dierdre, that is, definitely not Tracy. I too am utterly sick to death of Tracy, these storylines don't appeal to me or make me feel "can't wait to see that". Give it a rest tptb.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Tracy burn in her own wrath but sadly the return of her first husband means otherwise. He is now a gangster and perhaps Tony will die in the fire and Tracy and Rob will rekindle (get it!) their lust. In other words, same old, same old.

Tvor said...

I knew Tracy could never be the owner of the pub. I am looking forward to seeing Liz find out. I can only hope Liz thumps Tracy hard. Ken will no doubt gurn and whine "Oh Tracy!!!".

Roni said...

Tracy could have been an awesome character had TPTB not ruined Rob. I really think Tracy and Rob would have been the best couple on the street. I miss Rob so much! My favourite scenes and episodes were when he was on and with Tracy. He always knew how to keep her in check.
I like Tracy and hate how she is always vilified by the stupid storylines written for her character.

Anonymous said...

I also hope this is the end for Tracy and that she's killed off or go back in jail.Otherwise if she gets away with this then Corrie has lost total credibility.

Anonymous said...

I guess this will be the episode where one 'beloved' Corrie character takes the big dirt nap.

Dime said...

WOW-Alison King has announced her exit will take place in December. I just don't think things are well behind the scenes when so many actors are saying goodbye to the Cobbles. Get rid of Mr. Blackburn.

Nikki NZ said...

Agree with Roni. There's no reason why Tracey couldn't have softened from experience and become a more rounded character. She's a Barlow. She has a legacy. We don't need pantomime villains. Some of the best "baddies" have been tortured souls eg Tony Gordan, Rob himself.

Dame Edna said...

I thought Tracey and Tony made a great pair. Much rather them than the latest additions to the Platt household.

Let's unleash the true David. Jack Shepherd is a great, natural actor....he can be bad and hilarious at the same time. Perhaps the return of Kylie will give him (and the writers) a shake.

It's time to give Audrey a proper storyline....and no, a friendship with Ken won't cut it.
Oh, and throw copious amounts of money at Catherine Tyldesley.....custom-build a nursery if you have to, but get Eva back on the street. It's a much duller place without her. Sarah taking her place behind the bar? Pah!


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