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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Steve's new bitch arrives

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Sean and Billy make front page news of the Weatherfield Gazette over their experience with the homophobic hotelier. Unfortunately for Billy, the Bishop reads the paper, sees the news and calls Billy in for a chat. He’s reminded that if he wants to go out with Sean, he has to keep it low key. Sean’s anything but low key, so that ain’t gonna work. Billy decides to defrock (as it were) and tells Sean he’s leaving the church. Sean tells him not to, and says he’s prepared to be as low key as being Sean will allow.

 David does a runner with Max and Lilly to Liverpool to get away from comedy Callum and his pointy finger of doom.  Max disappears and rings Callum from the phone Callum bought him. Callum’s there in a heartbeat and takes David and the kids back home in his car. “You’ll have to start wearing your underpants outside of your trousers,” Bethany tells Callum.

Steve finds a little white dog with brown ears in his cab. He takes in the pooch and it’s now living in the Rovers, another bitch in the back room.  He pours out his troubles to it and the little dog sits and listens. It’s going to need a bit more patience over the coming weeks when Steve’s problems increase as the sale of the Rovers goes through.
After dropping the baby bombsell on Nick last week, Erica tells him she’s going to keep it. Gail’s eyes almost pop out of her head when she finds out her son’s having a baby with a woman almost as old as herself. I wonder what Freud would make of it all.

Mary’s motorhome is towed off the cobbles after Todd complains to the council.  It’s true that Mary shouldn’t be parked on the Street, she’s probably flouting all sorts of rules and regulations. She moves in with Julie and the kids, much to the kids’ delight and Julie’s despair.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

The cynic in old Frosty wonders whether Erica is really pregnant. Nick only has her word for it.

How rude was Mary to poor Emily over the chocolate biscuits and I have to say Todd was totally right to put her in her place. He is going up in my estimation apart from the wierd behaviour pretending to be one of his ma's admirers on line.

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to feel much sympathy for Mary, given how nasty she has been to others in the past.

Anonymous said...

After the way he pressured both Leeanne and Natasha to have abortions and blackmailed David into doing a DNA test on Lily,I think it would be karma for Nick if Erica wasn't pregnant after all.
I also don't feel sorry for Eileen either for the way Todd is duping her with her second on-line admirer.She had an affair with a married man whose wife was ill,is now dating a decent bloke and yet Adrian isn't enough for her large ego?She deserves whatever heartache lies ahead.

Anonymous said...

I find Mary an interesting combination of emotionally insecure and, at the same time, almost delusional in her sense of grandiosity. I'm sure there's a clinical term for that - narcissism, perhaps. At any rate, I appreciate that the writers keep her unpredictable. You never know when she'll be unsupportable or, out of nowhere, vulnerable and sympathetic.

Anonymous said...

Nick should be asking who the father is. Goodness knows who Erica was boffing during her brief time away from him!

Anonymous said...

Where did David run off to? The hotel down the block? Callum found them in about an hour. What a stupid plot. The scene with Callum pointing his finger menacingly at Nick while reading David the riot act over the phone was hilarious - here Nick..pull my finger! Ha!

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