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Sunday 1 June 2014

Exclusive! Celebrity Corrie Blogger - TV writer Caroline Corcoran

TV writer Caroline Corcoran has kindly taken up our challenge for a celebrity to write about their love of Coronation Street.  If you're famous (even just a little bit) and would like to write about your love of Corrie in exchange for a charity donation, have a look here.

In return we're donating £25 to Caroline's charity of choice, which is the NSPCC.

And now, it's over to Caroline:

"In my Scouse family, it’s not popular to like many things from Manchester. If I’d suggested I supported a certain football team from that vicinity or brought home a boyfriend with an M postcode as a teenager, I’d have probably been disowned.

So it shows how good Corrie is that we not only allowed it into our house three times a week but even, pre-Sky Plus, found a blank tape to put in the video recorder for it if we were going to be out.

Because you just miss Corrie and when I moved out there was a certain reassurance about it: the theme tune, mostly heard in the form of a hungover omnibus once my 20s hit, was like someone playing a child the lullabye they had on their cot as a baby.

It’s handy then that as part of my job as a Freelance Journalist, I started to write regularly about Corrie for MirrorOnline and host live chat about it for TV social media app Beamly.

It’s nice to be able to find an outlet for my love of Sally Webster (the most under appreciated comic actress in Britain?), Deirdre’s one-liners about her belts and the speed that Carla and Michelle can put away a bottle of Merlot.

I love Kylie, I love Liz MacDonald, and of course, like everyone in the Corrie-speaking world, I wept my way through the loss of Hayley.

For me, Corrie’s all about the women. The strong, tough women who stick their eyeliner on and get on with it while Peter Barlow’s in the pub dancing around next to the jukebox with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth again.

Saying that, the remains of a teenage crush borne in a day trip to Granada Studios and a keyring from the gift shop mean I rather partial to Steve MacDonald.

Caroline's on twitter at @cgcorcoran, hosts a live Corrie 'room' and live chat at and writes a Corrie column for Mirror Online. 

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Dame Edna said...

Ah, it's Caroline......she who renamed a certain sociopathic hairdresser "The Lesser-spotted David Platt". I shrieked then and I shriek still.

Oh, and we musn't forget Mark/Marcia who also slapped on the eyeliner and lippy as she sallied forth to brave the bemused denizens of the cobbles.

Also very remiss of you not to mention Fat Brenda...a large woman with panther-like grace. Such a goddess, I'm astonished Dev hasn't yet made a move.

Tvor said...

Lovely! I agree! I am a die hard fan and it's only the occasional storyline that peeves me. I can find something to enjoy in most of it most of the time! I'll never give it up!

Anonymous said...

Caroline Corcoran, I was happy to see your celebrity blog. As a fan of your MirrorOnline column, it's been a pleasure to read it more often, although I don't know how you keep up with such a busy schedule, especially when the show airs every night. Your upbeat wit and devotion to the show is much appreciated.

~a Canadian fan

Unknown said...


you have a wonderful way with words. Very insightful and playful.

To quote Tina Fey: "you can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at".
...thank you for laughter. I always look forward to your Corrie thoughts.


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