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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Your Corrie heroes and villains of the week

It's time to discuss our Corrie heroes and villains from the past week. This week has been fairly eventful and Friday's episodes alone gave several subtle hints that we are building up towards major fireworks involving the residents of the Rovers Return. I wonder what that could be? Anyway, my hero and villain(ess) this week both come from the same family!

So here goes. If you had to pick one Coronation Street character who you particularly love at the moment and one you particularly hate, who would they be? Only one each please, and remember I am asking for characters, not actors! 

My hero of the week is the lovely Jason Grimshaw. Bless him, our Jason wasn't exactly at the front of the queue when they were handing out the old grey matter but he has matured into a rather well-rounded (behave!) young man. He's a good friend, a good son and a good boyfriend. Although in my opinion he's far too good for St Ella and it will all end in tears. Jason has been unlucky in love more times than I can remember but his eternal optimism always sees him through. I do really think he's an often overlooked character and I'm glad Ryan Thomas has stuck around as long as he has.

He's my hero this week for two reasons. First of all, I love the way he stuck two fingers up to bullyboy Owen and struck out on his own. It's good to see a younger Corrie character trying to make something of themselves and I only hope his business succeeds, despite Karl's best  efforts. Also, I like the way he stood up to Karl in the Rovers during the week. Karl is turning out to be an excellent baddie and he thoroughly deserved that slap from Jason. I only wish St Ella realised how lucky she is to have Jason on her arm. For me it's always written in St Ella's favour - as if everyone else should thank their lucky stars they are able to share the same air as her. Anyway, I'll stop this mini-rant. Jason is my hero this week.

Which brings me to my villainess! I really did love Eileen Grimshaw during her first few years on the show. Sue Cleaver is particularly good at comedy and I love the chemistry between Eileen, Steve and Lloyd in the cab office. However, over time I've found myself liking Eileen less and less. Eileen's nadir as far as I am concerned has been the Alzheimer's story with Paul and Lesley. What started out as a great storyline turned into a distasteful farce with Paul and Eileen's affair under Lesley's nose verging on the unwatchable. A real shame as the issues involved were important and Judy Holt was terrific in every scene as Lesley Kershaw.

The relationship between Eileen and Paul has never taken off and we know Tony Hirst will be leaving soon. The main reason for Eileen's appearance in this post this week is due to her most recent behaviour. I can understand she has been hurt by men in the past but her childish, jealous behaviour (with the increasingly irritating Julie in cahoots) had me shouting at my screen. She really doesn't deserve Paul. We saw them get engaged on Friday night but we all know this won't last. I hope, when it all falls to pieces again, that someone close to her can talk some sense into her and we see a return to lighthearted, funny stories for Eileen. 

So let's have your Corrie hero(ine) and villain(ess) from the past week in Weatherfield. Anyway, I wonder what Jason would get Eileen for Mother's Day? I'm sure if he's stuck for ideas he could ask girlfriend Stella. After all, Stella and Eileen must be about the same age...

...I'm off to pinch one of my mum's chocolates! 

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Jason was a hero this week, he is so supportive and fond (why?)of Stella who patronises him at every turn and you can see she still has feelings for an increasingly deranged and rather repulsive Carl.

Stella and Karl for stealing and burning Jason's van are the two villans, oh and the stony faced biased police who bizarely wanted to discuss the issue in the middle of a busy pub and almost demonised Jason for being law abiding and having insurance! Very bizaree behaviour even for Weatherfield's finest!!

Ginger Beer said...

Hero is definitely Jason, but then he'd get that every week far as I'm concerned because he's always a decent bloke (and fit as f***, but we'll put that aside for the moment)

Villain would have to be Leanne for me, for being her usual sour-faced self. I'm so so bored with that lemon-sucking facial expression she has on all the time! Wish the writers would cheer her up a bit as I like Jane Danson.

I agree that Karl is turning into a brilliant baddie!!

Llifon said...

Hero: Jason - for getting one up on Karl

Villains: Karl for being jealous and Eileen for thinking the worse of Paul.

Graeme N said...

Ginger Beer - calm yourself re; Jason ;) I do agree with you wholeheartedly about Leanne. She needs to change that expression before it sticks!

Chatty Kathy said...

My hero is also Jason for standing up to Karl.

My villain is the increasingly menacing and deranged Karl.

And since it's Mother's day in England, let's have a shout out and recognize Eileen as the great mum who raised our Jason. :)

Graeme N said...

I guess we at least have to thank her for that ;)

Janice said...

My Hero: Faye for sticking it to Owen. Well done.

Villain: the writers, for the sloppy way in which Paul's exit is being constructed.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Nice one, Janice!

Graeme N said...

haha as always Janice you make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Jason is a quiet hero who has definitely been allowed to mellow and develop over time; good call!

Eileen and Julie have both begun to swirl the bottom of the bowl; I suspect the writers think their antics are funny? She'd definitely be better served heading back to the cab office and mixing it up with Steve and Lloyd. For some reason, I always thought she'd end up with one of those two.

Chatty Kathy said...

Eileen would certainly be a better match with Lloyd than Mandy. There is zero chemistry between those two. Whoever cast that actress to play Lloyd's lover should be fired. I'm not criticizing the actress, but rather whomever in casting who looked at her and thought "Oh, yes. She's perfect for Lloyd."

abbyk said...

Hero: Jason, great choice!

Villains: the writers, for having middle aged and older adults behaving with less maturity and sensibility than teenagers. Whats okay for Fay-E is ridiculous for Eileen. And Julie. And Steve. And Gloria. And Lloyd.

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