Friday, 1 March 2013

Where have you seen Eric's wife Doris before?

If you're wondering where you've seen the actress who plays Eric's wife Doris before, then wonder no more.

Doris is played by Helen Fraser.  Helen is a British actress with an enormous amount of experience on TV, she's got the kind of face you think you know and have seen everywhere - and indeed, you probably have.

Helen might be best remembered for her role in Bad Girls as "Body Bag" Sylvia Hollamby.

She's also appeared in The Dick Emery Show; A Day Out; Intensive Care; Faries; Tales of the Unexpected; The Bird Fancier; Rising Damp; Duty Free; The Two Ronnies; One Foot in the Grave.

Her IMDB listing is here.

And Helen has appeared in Coronation Street before. Back in 1998 she played the part of hypnotherapist Magenta Savannah, who tried to cure Jack Duckworth from smoking. This hypnotherapy enabled Jack to resurect "Lusty Jack" Johnson from his subconscious which he played on for the next week.

There's an interview with Helen here in which she talks about her first time on the cobbles in '98 in Corrie, it's worth a little read. She reveals that when she was in Corrie in 1998 she was brought in as a love interest for Jack Duckworth but then Corrie changed its mind on the storyline. 

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John McE said...

Did anyone else think what a great landlady of the Rovers Helen Fraser's character would make. Full of the brassy character that St. Ella was supposed to have (but really hasn't). And some definite signs of the wonderful Annie Walker's pretentions of grandeur.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought she was great, too. If they were twenty years younger,Doris and Eric would be a cracking team behind the bar. I do think those type of characters still exist - Sally's similar but Stella's definitely not.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Thoroughly agree - this is the cracking actor and kind of character we need to be the backbone of Corrie instead of drival from dull as ditchwater "trendy" couples such as Jenna/Sawpie and Ryan/I wanna bey bey Katie Drip.

ChiaGwen said...

The spitfire in the bright orange ensemble outacted the three beige ones across the table. She might be just the one to be Landlady of the Rovers.

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