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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kevin Kennedy on Curly's return: "Nothing is definite"

The news that Curly Watts might be returning to Coronation Street has got us all in a bit of a lather today. I would love to see actor Kevin Kennedy back as Curly but it seems the news he might return has drawn a mixed bag of comments on our blog post here.

Kevin Kennedy has put this on twitter today after the news broke that he met Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn to discuss the return of Curly to the cobbles.

From twitter @mrkevkennedy

"Thanks for your lovely messages, yes I had lunch with Stuart, Coro's producer but nothing is imminent or even definite."
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Humpty Dumpty said...

One re-entry is in a story concerning Kevin's possible exit. Maybe that's why they're playing it down.

Tina said...

I really don't want Curly back. What Humpty Dumpty says makes sense though. As long as curly leaves the street with Kevin, I am fine with a VERY short term comeback.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well he hasnt met up with Stuart Blackburn to talk about the weather. I remember us all speculating when Michelle Collins had met for dinner with Phil Collinson and look what happened there! If he has to come back, then come back for a cameo, not parachuted back as a permanent character. This is not 1990 any longer and as has been proved bringing back old spent characters just does not work.

elvis86 said...

If Kevin is written out, it will likely be because of a guilty verdict in Michael Le Cell's trial and therefore he wouldn't appear on screen again.

The only way I could envisage Curly's involvement in his exit would be if it was mentioned by Sally/Sophie that Kevin had made a trip to visit Curly, with Curly turning up later to break the news of his death in some accident?

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