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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Awards, November 26 - 30

Fashion frippery award: Why does Eva insist on wearing those silly things in her hair? She's no Raquel Wolstenhulme!

Bully Boy award: Owen really does ride roughshod over his staff and won't let Jason price jobs or buy into the business because Jason's too honest.

Keener award: Jason's supposed to be a builder. Are they allowed to start so bright and early? 

Brotherhood award: Fraternal star: No matter what's happened between Tyrone and Tommy, Ty can still turn to him and Tommy will be there for him.

Sneaky award: Fraudulent star: Lewis faked his back injury to get his feet under Gail's sofa.

Righteous Brothers Award: Tyrone's lost that lovin' feelin' for Kirsty. About time, too. Norris also feels very righteous that Dennis is spending Rita's money. 

Armed Truce award: Fiz and Kirsty are circling each other in the factory like two lions over a downed gazelle. The gazelle may very well be Tyrone and the loser was Fiz.

Airs and Graces award: Clueless star: Gail warmed up the plates for the takeaway and they were so hot they burned Max's finger!

Lines of the week:
Dennis: "I don't have to carry money around with me anymore? Why didn't you tell me this before!" (Aw bless)
Lewis to Gail: "There are people around here who may accuse me of flattery" (Really?)
Lewis to Nick: "You're in a good mood this morning." Gail: "It'll pass"
Gail to Kylie: "I always manage to get here on time." Kylie: "Maybe I should get myself a broomstick and all, then!"
Lewis: "It's an old skiing accident. It's been downhill ever since." (And so he "slopes" off to Gail's house).
Rita about Norris' criticism about a customer who is interested in the paranormal: "Different strokes for different folks, Norris." Norris: "Well in her case, different folks are alien beings and possessed nuns!"
Audrey to Gail: "You have robbed me of my future, daughter dear, and now you've rubbed my face in it!"
Sean: "Jules, you may be overestimating the healing powers of Betty's Hotpot"
Emily: "I think many people would like you to be a fly on the wall, Norris, if only for the opportunity to swat you." (here, here!)

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Frosty the SNowman said...

Take your sunglasses off award: Tommah saying to Tina she ‘looked pale’ – eh? As pale as a mahogany sideboard. That deep spray tan is looking a bit out of keeping with the pale Northerners in the month of December.

Godfather/mother award: Owen refused to give dopy Jason his tools back but the blandest Trouble Shooter in the North - Ms Price of course rode to the rescue threatening to ring Trading Standards – Tina and Eileen take note – it was that easy! Ridiculous.

Off to the Rovers award: Whenever the factory staff are sent home, which is on quite numerous occasions, they always decamp to the Rovers. Nobody says I have things to do at home, or I will catch up on my Christmas shopping, they are depicted as a bunch of lushes with money to spend on booze all afternoon.

Good but uncomfortable viewing award: Whether you love or hate Kirsty and Tyrone the actors have done a cracking job this week with Ty’s apprehension and fear palpable. This is a very realistic story and has been portrayed very well.

Why are you hanging around and pushing it award: Tommah really makes Jason look like a Mastermind contestant. Why would he plonk himself in a chair in the factory and sit there badmouthing Kirsty when it’s obvious she could return and walk in at any time and of course did?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Not looking forward to Stella and Jason but only because it gives Stella a story yet again. Really, would Owen be that scared of her threat to go to Trading Standards? He would have called her bluff. The factory is just ridiculous. Time they locked the front door with the number of people who keep barging in!

Anonymous said...

Eyeliner galore..Rita..eyes looking like two burned holes in a blanket...lighten up on the eyeliner will ya whoever does this woman's make-up?
So sick of this story..Tina,Tommeh and the whole surrogacy garbage. Sooo boring, and Tina's character is beyond annoying. She did the same thing with Graeme..going out of her way to 'help' someone out even though the idea is absolutely beyond moronic.

Laura said...

One minute Rita is offering Tina 10,000 pounds to pay off her debts, the next she is on the brink of bankruptcy after Dennis buys one too many drinks in the Rovers? Alittle continuity please, for once.

Anonymous said...

Tina: "Do I look pale?"
Us: "No, you are orange!"


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