Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Michelle Collins takes Corrie advice from her psychic

Michelle Collins, who plays Coronation Street's Stella Price, says that it was down to her psychic and her spiritual life coach who gave her the strength to carrry on in Corrie.  

Yes that's right, she's got a psychic called Cara and a spiritual life coach called Simon.

According to the Mirror, Michelle she told Spirit & Destiny magazine in an interview: 'I was nervous to be joining Corrie, but consulted a dialect coach to get the accent right. So when I was slated, I seriously considered walking away. But Cara and Simon gave me the confidence to stay, to defy my critics and prove myself.'

Explaining her aura is 'shiny and bright', Michelle says in the interview that she has regressed to her former life as a young girl living in Victorian London on two occasions.

Also this week it was reported that Michelle was involved in a serious car crash
after she crashed into a parked car at the end of a long journey last week. Michelle’s convertible was seriously damaged in the smash, although luckily she escaped unharmed.
Anyway, this Corrie fan still hasn't warmed to St Ella of the Back Room, for  it is she who has ruined my viewing enjoyment. My opinion is that St Ella still doesn't fit, she grates and her accent, whatever ITV might say about it - is and always has been rubbish.

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njblas said...

Cara and Simon have an awful lot to answer for!

Humpty Dumpty said...

MC and Bill Roache will be having some very interesting conversations. Afraid I agree, Stella hasn't worked at all. A drippy performance and a neither-here-nor-there script. The package isn't strong enough for a leading character.

Janice said...

It only goes to prove that all psychics only ever speak nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Another celebrity nut job.

Anonymous said...

I wish her psychic would tell her to stop wearing beige, with her beige complexion and her beige hair. Can we say BLAND??

~JB in Canada

Grounded said...

This slice of madness tells me everything I need to know about Michelle Collins. People who indulge these charlatans and con artists have more than a few screws loose, that's for sure.

Civil Liberty said...

For those who appear to be driven solely by logic, this one story does not "prove" that "all" psychics are charlatans or con artists who speak nonsense.

To each his own and it should surprise no one that folk like actors with more imagination and passion/spirit would be drawn to alternative ideas, therapies or medicine. Just because you dislike Stella doesn't mean you have the right to make biggoted statements about Michelle's (or William's or anyone's) spiritual beliefs. Would you write that if she was a Muslim, Mormon or a Jew?

Anonymous said...

Her manc accent may be crap , but what a gorgeous body , she can do whatever she wants to me . I love her .

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