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Sunday 16 September 2012

Corrie weekly awards: September 9 - 14

Billing and cooing award: Oh ick. Tracy feeding Ryan to wind up Michelle. Steve and Michelle snogging to wind up Ryan. (They were trying to watch Ferris Beuller later on)

Miracles happen award: The brewery does deliveries on Sundays?
Cilla has a rich bloke and has invited her son for a visit. (Not her daughter, Fiz, I see?)

Instant baby: Waters broke and the contractions started instantly with out anything happening up to then. Is that possible? I suppose so.

Pariah award: Everyone's against Tina. Even Tommy seems to be pretty critical of her. He's right. She IS obsessed and she can't let things lie so digs herself in deeper with every step. Kirsty antagonizing her makes her just as bad, though.

Holding Court award: Gloria took over the pub, let everyone else do the work, getting rid of hotpot, getting Karl back behind the bar, but she pushed a bit too far and got chucked out.

Musical ambience. Stella and Gloria fighting to "Waterloo".

Grizzly Bare: Cliff is a "grizzled Rock Hudson"? Well she got the grizzled part right at least. (O.M.G. Can Cliff hang around for awhile? He's bloody brilliant!)

Busybody award: Gloria is sailing awfully close to the line poking her nose in everywhere. She'll fit right in!

Pants on Fire award: Gloria was telling a load of flannel about her flight from Spain! 

Mr. Moneybags award: Owen's giving Tina 15K and it'll cost a minimum of 7K for the fertility treatment *each* time they have to do it.

Lines of the week:
Kevin to Tyrone "If me and you can make up after everything that's happened, I'm sure you and Tommy can" (not if Kirsty's in the driver's seat)
Marcus "I'm a midwife" Gloria "I'm a mother!"
Tracy "Only bad people hoover on a Sunday night"
Tyrone to the baby "You've mended everything" (Babies don't make very good bandaids)
Gloria "Nobody eats hotpot these days" Rita "I do" Gloria "Well you know what they are what you eat!"
Deirdre to Ryan "I think you're all right. You've got lovely manners and great taste!" (well anyone that loves the marrow must be ok, right?)
Tina "You're beginning to sound like a couple of kids" (Listen to yourself lately?)
Sean to Gloria "By God, Betty knew how to hold a grudge!"
Gloria "It's Norris doing a butch voice"
Sean "I have never EVER had a hissy fit in my life" (No?)
Roy "Perhaps they're not cravings. Perhaps she just likes sticky buns"
Tina to Owen (joking) "Maybe I should have the baby for them" (oh wait....)
Beth to Kirk "Zip it, Zombie!"
Gail "I bottom every morning!" Gloria "You haven't seen a Spanish bottom"
Gail "And Gloria left Spain under a cloud?" Cliff "with those chemicals? A very large one!" (snort)

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Anonymous said...

Re. Mr. Moneybags award: Haha, yes, Owen must be doing a roaring trade at the building site to afford all of this. He, Gary and Izzy barely seem to put in a full day's work - they're having emergency family meetings and eating meals at No.6 most of the time!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty’s awards:

Short memory award It wasn’t so long ago that Gary Windass was a right tearaway and at war with David Platt, Tina’s then boyfriend. The Windass family were the catalyst for Joe Macintyre’s downfall and subsequent death, so why on earth Tina who always seems her own woman and has no children of her own would carry a child for Gary seems rather odd, as is Gary’s maniacal desperation to become a father in his early 20s when he is not even married yet or even engaged.

Miracle cure award: Was it only weeks ago that Tracy was dramatically at death’s door wired up in Weatherfield General with her one kidney at a state of collapse? Nice to see she has recovered so well and so quickly to be boozing wine with RIIAAAAN. For goodness sakes will someone tell that woman to do something with that rats tails of a hairstyle? Shouldn’t her hair be covered if she is preparing and serving food? Yuck.

Farce award: What was all that Dreary the Marrow Queen hollering up the stairs at Ken, there is no upstairs and it was pretty obvious Ken wasn’t there. Why not just say he was out, ridiculous.

OTT Award: Kym Marsh - Michelle seems to be in a constant face pulling and silly voice contest with Simon Gregson. This couple do so not gel.

Supposedly brassic award: Tommy and Tina allegedly have not two pennies to grub together, but they suddenly have money for a stupid massive fairground teddy bear for Kirsty’s baby and scoffing egg and bacon sarnies in Roy’s café. The writers seem to have conveniently forgotten that Tina owns half of Jason’s flat and would be entitled to half the proceeds of sale, debt over – oh but then we couldn’t have months of shouting and angst with the tiresome and rather disturbing surrogacy story.

Obnoxious Award: Gloria is just one pain in the butt. Why these unpleasant pushy advantage taking older women are always considered ‘amusing’ and ‘a breath of fresh air’ in soapland is beyond Frosty. They certainly wouldn’t get away with behaving anything like that in the real world. Sue Johnson and Jane Danson are both superb actors, we could have had some real heart to hearts and poignant scenes with them in Leanne’s kitchen, about why Stella gave her away as a child, but oh no the writers obviously think the viewers have more interest in Gloria Boreia criticising the décor and insisting on having the heating on full blast. Now we have her wet weekend of a boyfriend joining the already over excessive cast list.

Paralympics award: Tommy can sure get around at a speed on those crutches, whizzing around like a goodun on the cobbles on Friday – quicker than most people can run!

Anonymous said...

right on the $$ as usual Frosty.
Missing kid award. Faye - forever religated to "going and getting her jimjams on" and off she goes.

Why has Anna not stepped forward as the surrogate potential? Garry and Izzy are not even married and she has tried to leave him twice in a month so how stable is their relationship?


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