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Saturday 15 September 2012

Coronation Street episode double review, Friday September 15

Gloria's lies about her supposedly racy past life in Spain were unmasked while Tommy told Tina their relationship would finish if she went ahead with plans to have a surrogate baby for Izzy . I'm so not enjoying this particular  storylinee!

Meanwhile Lloyd bumped into the imposing  and slightly scary Mandy,  the former married love of his life, at an 80s nostalgia concert. After the pair swapped affectionate reminiscences and he dropped her home in  his taxi, she firmly told him  she never wanted to see him again.

 I think we can take it as read, with all this storyline build up, that this isn't going to happen!  (Mandy's so far unseen daughter is, i don't think I'm giving too much away, set to throw a few spanners into the works)

Gloria's colourful stories about being a  glamorous gangster's moll and top  Spanish  bar owner were shown to be  porkies when her  mild-mannered, scruffy, anorak-wearing former boyfriend Cliff - no gangster he -  arrived in Weatherfield.

 As curious Gail  treated him a  bacon sandwich, he told her she had  really worked in a dry cleaners  in Spain and had to leave after she apparently caused a fire there.  
Gail confronted the formerly uppity Gloria, who was forced to admit the truth and to build bridges with daughter Stella and agree not to interfere in the running of the Rover's.But will she?

 Enjoying  very much the introduction of the wonderful  actress Sue Johnston into the Street and it's good to see a new character that isn't just eye candy. Also a good thing  that they haven't cast her as a warm hearted matriarch along the lines of Sheila from Brookside or Mum in the Royle family but as t a rather more flawed and scheming woman

Cash strapped Tina finally agreed to be a surrogate mother  for Izzy after Owen offered her £15,000, but Tommy was furious to hear about it second  hand via Anna's adopted  young daughter Faye who overheard the grown ups talking about it.  Hurt, he gave Tina an ultimatum - if she did go ahead with it, they were finished.
Meanwhile it looks like Kirk, who has never really come across as anything more than a comedy character,  is heading for a romance with brassy Beth after he came across a notes which contained a listing for her internet dating profile and  he made  it clear he fancied her - though comparing her to a lovely dog perhaps wasn't the best way of paying her a compliment!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Why is it with the Windass/Armstrong clan whenever there is any news, they dont wait like normal families to discuss it in the evening, everyone has to walk out of their jobs for it to be announced? The pathetic business with Tina being paid to be a surrogate which is illegal anyway is becoming unbearable to watch, with Anna jumping about like an excited schoolgirl.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm delighted to see that Mandy is big and gorgeous. So sick of seeing these stick thin females, young and old, on Corrie

Anonymous said...

Well, look at it this way. Tina having Izzy's baby would finally put to rest the Tina and Izzy crusades, leaving it open for storylines such as, i don't know, Ken, Dennis, Roy and Lewis go camping and uncover a plot to take over the world, at least that would be hilarious.

Also, Tina being pregnant leaves it open for her to get a one-up on Kirsty. Plus a little bit of Tommy struggling to accept it.

abbyk said...

Oh, Anonymous, I LOVE the idea of a Gentlemen's Adventure. Maybe they could go find Ted.

Tina pregnant: I'm with Anna, I've always liked her, but this story hurts my brain. Tina's never been a serene, contemplative young lady, and now were going to add cravings and mood swings? Could be interesting, but probably will end up ham fisted. If Tommy breaks up with her, then will the $15K be hers alone while he's going to be unemployable and debt ridden for the next decade? Yucky all around.

Anonymous said...

Poor Faye..all she does is come in the front door, spout a couple of lines and then Anna tells her to go upstairs and get her jimjams on and she'll be up in a minute. It was broad daylight and she had to go upstairs? WTF.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Faye and her jim-jams, it was right after school wasn't it - sun shining -a tad early!

Anonymous said...

Stupid, stupid, rubbish surrogate storyline. I may return to watching once this nonsense is over. (Maybe sooner if Tracy is permanently removed first.) For gawd's sake they need to at least get married first, even engaged. They are both unstable, obviously. Sheeeesh!

SW - Canada


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