Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie, Wednesday 19th Sep

Coronation Street, Wednesday 19th September 2012 at 7.30pm

LLOYD MAKES A MOMENTOUS DISCOVERY. Lloyd's restless thinking about Mandy and eventually decides he won't take no for an answer. He wants her in his life somehow. He returns to her home and is surprised when a young woman named Jenna opens the door and claims that Mandy is her mum. Lloyd leaves, hurt that Mandy told him she didn't have any kids. Later he explains to Eileen that he'd always been keen on Mandy but his best mate Johnny got in first and married her. Johnny wasn't the best of husbands and for a while Mandy turned to him for comfort. They had an affair. As he's working out how old Jenna is and when she must have been born, Mandy storms into the cab office. She rails at Lloyd for coming back to the house. What'll she say when Lloyd asks her outright if Jenna is actually his daughter?

TINA PUTS PRESSURE ON OWEN FOR MONEY. Though glad to be back with Tina, Tommy's still awkward about the surrogacy. Times continue to be tough for the couple. Kirsty flips when Tina pays the week's money minus twenty quid. Tommy reveals the pizza parlour have decided to settle out of court but he still owes them two grand and has to start paying immediately. Tina decides she has no other option. She has to ask Owen for an advance on her surrogacy fee. When he says he can't help, there is some hope as he offers a solution to another problem.

BETH MAKES SOME CONFESSIONS. When Beth's evasive about her date, Fiz clocks Kirk's eye and knows something's up. She tackles Beth who tells her what really happened. Fiz has a go at her for taking advantage of Kirk. It soon becomes clear however that Beth is actually quite smitten with him. Fiz encourages her to go for it.

Gloria convinces Stella to take part in the Pub of the Year competition but she enters herself as the landlady.

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