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Sunday 16 September 2012

First Pic: Wendy Crozier back on Coronation Street

The official Coronation Street website at has the first pictures of Ken's ex-lover (and Deirdre's nemesis) Wendy Crozier, who makes her return to Coronation Street.

From the official website: "Ken Barlow's about to be thrown off-kilter was he meets his former lover Wendy Crozier again after 20 years, but what will Deirdre have to say? When Bessie Street school head teacher Brian Packham hears the sad news that the chair of his governors has died he instantly decides that Ken would make the perfect replacement. After being well and truly buttered up Ken agrees and Brian informs him the emergency meeting to elect the new chair is that night. At Bessie Street School, Ken is introduced to the other governors and Brian reveals that in absence to any other candidates Ken is willing to stand as chair.
Ken’s about to accept when Mrs Papadopolous, another governor, breezes in late offering to throw her hat into the ring. But Ken’s thoughts couldn’t be further from school matters when he sees her. Ken remembers Mrs Papadapolous when she was known under another name - Wendy Crozier - and they had an affair.
Wendy is once again played by actress Roberta Kerr and whilst Ken decides it might be wiser to keep Wendy's return a secret from Deirdre, the stage is set for one of Corrie's must-see storylines.

Wendy will be on screen on Monday next week, 24 September.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I am looking forward to this. Dreary and Ken have not had a proper story for ages and it gets flaming misery faced Tina off our screens for a bit which can only be a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Papadopolous? Wasn't that the name of the guy who owned the shop Leonard Swindley was manager of - Gamma Garments or something?

Any connection here?

Tvor said...

Aboslutely it was the name of the owner of Gamma Garments. I wonder if this Papadopolous is his son? I was going to mention that myself.

Now the Daily Star mentions that the chemistry is still there between Ken and Wendy. I would venture an opinion that there was never any chemistry there in the first place!!! They do have a clever headline, though."Wendy opens a Ken of Worms"

Humpty Dumpty said...

I remember a magazine at the time with Dawn Acton's face on the front page: "What does Tracy think about her parents etc..." It was probably the beginning of magazine interviews about characters. Corrie was in a slump in the 80's (could be wrong about dates) and the article was designed to create interest again. Today's Tracy should have a few choice words to say to Wendy Crozier.

Philip said...

Is Wendy back as a regular character or is she just making a fleeting visit. I'm just wondering as unlike the American Soaps, the casting department don't say whether an actor is contract or not. (Look at Aidan, only thought he was a guest character, but he's still on the show and appeared on the Corrie Pride float.)

I'm also wondering if she will get a new cast card?

njblas said...

In fact the owner of Gamma Garments was Mr Papagopolous - with a G instead of a D in the middle - according to Corriepedia.


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