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Sunday 30 September 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday Sep 28

Cue drum roll. The dimly-remembered affair between Ken Barlow and  Wendy Crozier, which broke up his  marriage to Deirdre 20 years ago, has been exhumed from the land of Coronation Street plots past. 

The now somewhat geriatric former lovers have been reunited as governors at Brian's school. Ken has wasted no time in dolling  himself up in his best suit  ("Why are you are all dressed up?" noted unknowing wife Deirdre)  before flashing cheesy smiles at  a private meeting with his ex lover as they enjoyed a cosy chat, ostensibly about their passion for improving the school. 

This is  a school, remember,  Ken had no particular connection with until he was  mysteriously voted in as chief governor last week  in a clunky plotline. "I'm so glad we did this, "Ken  smarmed, to Wendy, with  a definite glint in his eye.

Meanwhile they swapped their post-affair  histories - Wendy is now a widow of a Mr Papadopolous while Ken explained:"I had a son with someone else" (a son who is never seen or mentioned in the show)  "and", he continued,  "Deirdre married a Moroccan she met on holiday."  As you do," noted Wendy. Looks like ageing romeo Ken's famous kimono could be due for another outing soon. Poor Deirdre!

Lloyd also was dressed up in his best bib and tucker  as he met his long lost daughter Jenna in the Bistro and pretended to be posher than he was to try and impress her- ordering wine with his meal and  pretending to be a top  businessman because she had "been to university , she deserves better than me." Nice comic and rather touching scene here for Craig Charles as cabbie Lloyd.  Jenna, however it turned out, despite her posh college education, is a down to earth  "pie and chips" girl after all and they decamped cosily to the Rovers.

Tracy and Michelle continued to be at loggerheads as the latter banned her from her home - though Tracy wheedled her way in for a smooching session with Ryan, to Michelle's fury.After rowing with his mum Ryan ended up moving out, and after failing to be allowed to stay with Tracy at Ken and Deirdre's house, moved in as an unlikely lodger with Sophie and Sally Webster. "No drugs, no rolling in all hours," demanded Sally, setting out her house rules, which is fair enough.
Meanwhile the doom and gloom that is the Tyrone / Kirsty storyline got doomier and gloomier as  Kirsty's psycho bully of a dad (runs in the family) turned up and snatched the baby from the back garden.  He brought the child back, then headed off snarlingly with  Kirsty's cowed mum who had been sheltering with the not so happy couple.  Kirsty's response as ever was to blame St Tyrone and  hurl a large object at him. I'd advise Tyrone to wear a suit of armour at home at this rate. Make it stop, please

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Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Poor Deidre!! I liked that Ken manned up and finally took and keeps taking the occasional stand with Tracy after all this time, but really, one whiff of that b!tch Wendy Crozier and Ken is sniffing around her doorstep like the dog on heat that he is. Nasty Bugger!!

You know full well what carrying on with her did to your marriage last time, you brought it up with Brian only the other day......and yet you still nip off for the odd assignation with her, complete with the smooch on the doorstep....what's wrong with you man....full of your own self importance methinks.

Kathryn, that slight mention of the kimono made me want to heave....yuk!!

Frosty the Snowman said...

The kimono made Frosty laugh out loud, which is a very unusual occurance. Having a coffee with a colleage is hardly an "assignation" dear! Deary has always been too common for Ken anyway, he should have got on that barge.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it in Friday's episode that Owen popped up in the cafe, sticking his nose into Izzy/Gary and Tina/Tommy's affairs again? Struck me particularly because he looked and acted for all the world like a very sinister version of David Brent. -NN

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Yeah well assignation or not.....I guess we'll see. The upcoming photos show him giving her a hug and a kiss, albeit on the cheek, at what looks like a private house, not the school where the meetings would normally take place. That's the "assignation" I was talking about. You don't start sneaking around if you've got nothing to hide, especially with someone who is like a red rag to a bull with your wife. Innocent or not, it's just asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

I'd very much disagree that the Wendy Crozier affair is dimly remembered. Yes, if someone was a child in 1989/90, it would be but those of us who were adult viewers at the time remember it very well.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Revisiting old plots is usually a mistake but I welcome Wendy Crozier. It gives the older, experienced actors a meaty storyline and we get a break from Tracy and Tina.

Anonymous said...

I love Deidre when she's on the rage..all chords popping and spitting like a cat. Diedre is gonna open a big old can of whoopass!!
I doubt anything will come of this though but will be good for a few laughs.


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