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Saturday 22 September 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday September 21

In surely the least well guarded Coronation Street storyline of the year, cabbie Lloyd drew on his mental arithmetic to work out that his grumpy married ex Mandy's daughter Jenna was in fact his long lost daughter. 

But as the truth emerged, both Mandy and Jenna, who had been brought up to believe Mandy's late husband was her dad, made it clear they didn't want to play happy families.

I get the impression Jenna  (a winning performance by actress  Krissi Bohn) may soften her "Don't come near me"  views over Lloyd during the coming weeks. 

Lloyd, while angry over the deception for the last 28 years, is meanwhile over the moon:"I've a daughter, I'm a dad!".

Meanwhile newly smitten Beth got her claws, or rather tonsils into  dopey Kirk as she lunged at him in the Rovers for an amorous clinch,to his delight. 

 Funny moment when he gushed: "I've never met a girl as gorgeous as you" - (did he forget to wear his contacts?) only for his exes Julie and Fiz, who were looking on, to exclaim, miffed: "What about me? "... '"And me?"

Tina was given £5,000 up front by a grateful Owen as she finally agreed to the surrogacy deal for Izzy, only to give the money straight to Tyrone, whom her boyfriend Tommy owes money, and  his partner, panto villainess Kirsty. 

Tina  revealed that her father ha  ended up killing himself over debts, thus explaining in part her willingness to go to such drastic measures to get the money. It will all end in tears...

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Frosty the Snowman said...

When Tina said rather poignantly Frosty thought that her dad ended up killing himself over debt, I wonder if she gave a glancing thought to the woman who started it all by refusing to pay for a kitchen - Mrs Anna Windass - now character changed into warm lovely earth mother - whose grandchild she will ruin her young life in carrying - hm.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd blubbering away yet again over a woman. Cheryl was the love of his life and all of a sudden, Mandy, who's not been mentioned before, ever, was the love of his life. Again, sitting in the Cabbie blubbering like a teenaged girl who's just been dumped.
Kirk & Beth...Beth planting one on Kirk in the Rovers..bout time there was something for ur Kirkeh.
Anna Windass...I am really getting to like this new "Carol Brady" character. I get a tooth ache every time she smiles.
The acting is too blase and forced for something as monumental as paying someone to have a kid for you. It's like they're trying to decide what to have on their pizza and one of the clan changes their mind and wants chinese food instead. Gloria..please get rid of this annoying character. Blance cannot be replaced so they should stop trying...


Carl's Neck Flap said...

Nice to have another long lost child storyline. We've not had one since Stella/Leanne.

Ron said...

We have watched Corrie for twenty years in Canada.
For the past year (we have almost caught up to the UK broadcast schedule) my partner and I have really noticed a growing lack of attention to plot and character detail. This can best be described as an immaturity and laziness in the writing and directing in the show. It is sad to see the charm and wisdom of this iconic show be diminished by such unprofessional production values. We are more often than not rolling our eyes at the ridiculous scenic treatments prevalent in most episodes. I'm sure old Tony Warren and many of the veteran cast members are regularly rolling their eyes as well. Very sad to see.


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