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Sunday 23 September 2012

Corrie Weekly Awards, September 17 - 21

Liz McDonald makeup award: Kirk didn't have any trouble executing that deep wink with a supposed swollen and bruised "black" eye. Remember when Liz exaggerated the bruises Jim gave her with makeup?

Dead weight award: Karl is going to drag Sunita down. She's already nagging and he's  not really changed from the feckless fella he always was.

Unreasonable award: Is Tommy being unreasonable? Is Tina for not taking Rita's offer? Is Gary for wearing blinders when it comes to fatherhood?

White Knight award: Kirk rode in on a white van and took one on the jaw for Beth.

Hidden Agenda award: Is Dev trying to break up Karl and Sunita? Is he trying to get her back? Or is he just trying to give her back some of the torment she gave him.

Dirty Dog award: Yet another man cheated with the wife of his best friend. To quote Eileen "Oh Lloyd!"

Music ambience award: Fiz and Julie chatting to Beth about her new fella, the one she's lying about, to Heart of Glass.

Pants on Fire award: Gloria said she was the landlady. One look at the name over the door will bust that lie. And she put on a classic Annie Walker posh accent. Beth lied about he attributes of her date.

Footwork Fail award: Rob reckons if they get the footwork right, the rest follows, just before Kirk trips over his own feet! Perfect!

Fashionista award: I like Mandy's style!

Lines of the week:
Lloyd "Some things are best left in the past" (guaranteeing he'll run into her again)
Owen "I can't tell my daughters how to run their lives. Nor would i want to" (I now have to clean my monitor)
Dennis "I think she's stirred the green-eyed monster in you" Rita "As long as she hasn't stirred anything in you!" Dennis "I wouldn't even let her stir me tea!" (Good answer!)
Rita "I don't give my life savings to every Tom, Dick and Harry" (Um, you pretty much do!)
Kirk "I wish i could say deep things" (he does sometimes, without even realizing it)
Beth "She's only jealous because she's got to watch her waistline and I don't!" (I love a fat chick with confidence!)
Mandy "If you had kids of your own, you'd understand" Lloyd "And have I??!!"
Kirk "I'm not good at lyin' so I don't bother"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Sex Pest Award: What part of NO, I don’t want to see you again, leave me alone, did Lloyd not get? Talk about stalking or just being a bloody nuisance, turning up at Mandy’s house all the time. To suddenly have a road to Damascus moment that Jenna (who looks about the same age as the last “love of his life” Cheryl) would be his daughter? How? Totally contrived. And how did Jenna even know about the Rovers on Friday, let alone know daddy Lloyd was in there? I understand that Mandy joins the Rovers as cook, I think she could be a good character, hopefully they will be rid of Gloria Boreia very soon.

Aw Mother! Award: Mrs Tiresome in a bad wig, why exactly has Gloria come to Weatherfield? The scenes of her and “an exasperated” Stella rolling her eyes and telling her not to interfere, are just tedious already. Give them their own spin off show so we don’t have to put up with them. What’s the betting the poky rundown Rovers with the rudest staff in the North will beat all the smart pubs in Manchester to win “pub of the year” yawn.

Square Meals Award: How much do the Munster family aka the Windass/Armstrong gang eat? In every scene they all either stuffing their faces at No 6, or boozing in the Rovers. Surprised they are not all 18 stone.

45 year old woman in a 9 year old’s body award Anna Windbucket - All this silly excited behaviour over this dreadful surrogacy, What is wrong with her? Is she simple minded? Why can’t she be the surrogate if she thinks it’s all such a flaming good idea, she has had a child and is not too old. Ideal candidate and problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Frosty..I to am wondering why Anna has not stepped forward to be the surrogate but apparently nobody knows. I guess the Windass clan is just so thick headed they can't see what's right in front of their eyes.

Lloyd...what a friggin whimp..again bawling his eyes out over a woman - telling Eileen that he might be a dad..I hope this story ends fast. It's really grating.

Why are Tina/Tommy acting like they're going to have their legs broken if they don't pay Tyrone back asap. Then..walzing in their door flinging dosh all around. I suppose Tina thinks dumbass Tommy is going to do something similar to what her equally dumbass father did..trying to fake his own death and ended up at the bottom of the drink. I keep telling'll be over'll be all over soon.

Defrost Indoors said...

It's obvious neither Karl nor Sunita really want to be together...he's still in love with Stella and Sunita's looking increasingly disillusioned with him. I doubt she wants to go back to Dev but she seems as though she's realizing that Karl was a huge mistake. I hope they split this depressing couple up.

Tvor said...

Frosty... Jenna had Lloyd's Streetcars business card and said that the woman working there (Fat Brenda) had directed her to the pub.

Roy's Baked Beans said...

Exactly Tvor.......I swear it feels like some people are watching a different program on occasion!!

Tvor said...

Well, to be fair, it was only a quick sentence she'd shouted while raging at Lloyd and it was easily missed.


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