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Sunday 30 September 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Awards, Sepember 24 - 28

Hit the mark award: Tracy does get some good zingers in at Michelle's expense and she's doing a very good job of pushing a wedge between Michelle and Ryan.

Be Careful What You Wish For award: Brian thinks getting Ken on the board of Governors will *solve* all his problems. I think his problems are just beginning.

Are You New Here? Award: Tyrone thinks Fiz will be just the person Kirsty wants to visit and help with the baby.

Contrived award: Jenna was incensed about Lloyd and chucks her mother out of her house so Mandy comes to see if Lloyd has seen her? Is she using him to cadge a place to live or just to tell him to stay away, too!

Good use of sound effects award: Kirsty got more and more worked up just as the kettle was coming to a boil and whistling loudly.

Soap Opera Phrase of Doom: Deirdre: "I think there's life in the old dog yet"
Wendy: "What could possibly go wrong!" (aaaaghh!)

Pants on Fire award: Ken's already lying to Dierdre about Governor's meetings when he's actually seeing Wendy.
Lloyd was pretending to be oh so sophisticated for Jenna.

Interfering Idiot award: Brian keeps pushing Ken and Wendy together, hoping to keep Ken on board and he doesn't realize how damaging it could be.
Owen keeps insinuating himself in the middle of the two couples. Maybe he's afraid he's not going to get his money's worth.

Stalk Much award: Lloyd keeps coming at Jenna and Mandy. They don't know he's not a bad guy. She'd probably come to him in time but as it's a soap, we need to move along.

Blast from the Past award: Dennis was put in mind of his mam while watching Michelle and Tracy squabble on the street.

Lines of the week:
Brian "The vultures are circling, Julie."
Deirdre "If you ask me, that Jamie Oliver is not as Pukka as he thinks he is"
Michelle "He might be my son but he's still a fella"
Ken "She's the woman who broke up my marraige to Deirdre" (Yes but that took two if i recall?)
Tracy about Michelle (after the story of Steve kissing a "trannie" "Lots of men have a type!" (zing!)
Brian "Mother always said I was a diplomat" (she was wrong)
Tracy "I might be a few years older than Ryan..." Michelle "What you countin' in, dog years?" (oh nice one)
Dennis after the "big fight" "It's times like this I can't help thinking about me mam!" (Ken laughs and nods...awwwwww)
Lloyd to Eileen "Of course you'd never have a barney outdoors in front of the neighbours" (Koff)
Tina "I didn't know you were scared of needles" Tommy "I'm not. It's just pointless" (he didn't even intend on the pun)
Lloyd "I'm kind of master of my own destiny" (don't make me laugh!)
Deirdre to Ken re the Board "It'll keep you out of mischief as well" (will it, now?)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Hello me again! award: Mandy constantly seeking Lloyd out to tell him to stay away from her is ridiculous.

Too boring to care about award: The Tiresome Threesome: Michelle, Ryan and Tracy.. Characters like Peter and Carla have left a gaping hole so they give centre stage to this total dross. The scene of Michelle and Tracy in the salon and the usual predictable fishwives brawl outside – where is Audrey these days? – was one of the poorest acted ever on Corrie.

Parody Award: Gloria, I just find her an embarrassment to watch now. You can see the actor is ‘acting’ as it were. I suspect Sue Johnson is rueing the day she accepted this role. Why has Stella disappeared, not that I am bothered. She seems to be suddenly running the Rovers.

Dodgy casting award: Kirsty’s father is supposed to be a scary wife beater but to everyone he will always be lovable but dopy David Stockwell in Heartbeat. I just expect him to take his cap off and start blubbing at any moment. About as scary as one of Roy’s balm cakes.

Stalker award: Owen turning up all the time with that strange look on his face. Now he IS scary. Poor Tina has that look of a rat in a trap.

The doo dah will hit the fan award: When Dreary finds out who Ken’s fellow Governor is, oh dear, and going out enjoying coffees too! Expect a lot of head wobbling from Dreary as usual I am enjoying this story though and its good to see Wendy back for us olduns who remember her first time around. She hasn’t changed a bit!

Daft landlady award: It wasn’t so long ago that Ryan broke into the faktry to steal for drug money, was caught ingesting coke in the Rovers lav, now Sally is letting him move into her home where she lives with her not too bright and easily influenced teenage daughter. Sally has never been a fool and it doesn’t seem credible she would do this; obviously she will soon have cause to regret it. Cue more sensationalist drama. Dan dan dan (music)

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the new Ryan, and pairing him with Tracy...the scenes look uncomfortable as hell acting out the 'couch' scenes. That's right..find the target..move in...WHAM..smootch like hell...ok...CUT!!!


Anonymous said...

Tracy and Ryan are actually more repulsive to watch than Sunita and Karl! I am convinced writers are doing this on purpose, to push the boundaries of craziness, since they can't conjure drama or comedy.


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