Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Sept. 17 - 21

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 17 Sep to Friday 21 Sep 2012

NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE - Monday 10 September two episodes as usual, an episode on Weds 12 September and two episodes as usual on Friday 14 September

Lloyd gains a daughter; Tina gains financial help; Tommy reluctantly accepts the surrogacy; Kirk plays White Knight and gains a girlfriend; Gloria is intent on winning; Sunita gets her old job back.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, the Kirk/Beth combination should be interesting, given her resemblence to Cilla an' all! However, let's see how Tina's plan to be a surrogate works out, particularly when she's spending the money up front and Tommy's not keen on the whole idea. I predict she'll be in debt to Owen and wish she was still owed Kirsty/Tyrone instead!

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