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Friday 28 September 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 28 September

Coronation Street at 7.30pm

TYRONE HAS HIS FUTURE SNATCHED FROM HIM. Kirsty and Tyrone are grateful for Alison's help and hope she will stick around. Later, Tyrone is with Ruby in the yard when there's a smash from inside. Hurtling in, fearing Ed has returned, Tyrone discovers Alison has smashed a bottle of milk. When he returns to the yard however Tyrone is on for one the biggest shocks of his life.

LLOYD TRIES TOO HARD WITH JENNA. Lloyd's taking a new approach to winning Jenna round and takes her to the Bistro which Lloyd describes as his regular 'haunt'. However Jenna sees right through Lloyd. Has he made another terrible mistake?

TRACY STIRS THINGS UP BETWEEN RYAN AND MICHELLE. Michelle reiterates that Ryan will not bring Tracy home. He ignores her when Tracy rings the buzzer wanting to spend the evening with him. When Michelle returns home early she's furious to find Tracy and chucks her out. Michelle then turns on Ryan and they have an almighty row. Later, Ryan emerges with a rucksack but where will he go?

Ken and Wendy meet for a cuppa and agree to put their past behind them for the school's sake. Izzy, Gary, Tina and Tommy prepare for their first fertility session.

Coronation Street at 8.30pm

TYRONE AND KIRSTY BEAR THE BRUNT OF ED'S CRUELTY. Kirsty is horrified that Ruby's disappeared from her pram and searches frantically for her with Tyrone and Alison. Alison suggests they go back inside and call the police. When they do they find Ed standing there cradling Ruby. Kirsty demands Ed hands over Ruby which he does and then tells Alison she's coming home with him. Alison goes to pack but Kirsty won't have it. She rails at Ed for being a tyrant and a bully. Tyrone tries to diffuse the situation but in doing so, Ed loses his temper and punches Tyrone, which results in a fight spilling out onto the street. After her parents leave, Kirsty still rages, will Tyrone yet again bear the brunt of her fury?

RYAN FINDS A NEW HOME. Tracy's taken aback when Ryan lands on her doorstep with his bags. She tells him she'd love him to stay but Ken wouldn't approve. She won't impose on Ken's goodwill. Feeling dejected, Ryan tells Sophie he has nowhere to stay. She offers to talk to Sally about Rosie's old room. Sally agrees but what will Michelle say? Later, Michelle tries to make Ryan realise Tracy just doesn't want to live with him but Ryan won't listen.

LLOYD AND JENNA BOND OVER A PINT OF NEWTON & RIDLEY. After confessing to a delighted Lloyd that she's more of a pie and chips girl, he and Jenna escape the Bistro for the comfort of the Rovers. The pair bond over hotpots and Lloyd assures Jenna he's no intention of replacing her dad. Can Lloyd finally be on the path to having a meaningful relationship with his daughter?

Widow Wendy and Ken catch up on the last two decades and Izzy snaps after Owen fusses around her following her return from the fertility clinic.

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Margot said...

I would just like to say how very impressed I have been with Alan Halsall and Natalie Gumede's acting throughout this entire storyline, and particularly in the episodes this week. No matter how difficult it may be for us to watch this story unravel, it has been one of my favourite storylines on Corrie all year and has presented us with the best scenes. The intensity, friction and drama between Tyrone and Kirsty has been electrifying and so well portrayed.

Alan and Natalie - well done to both of you on your fine performances. You're both a joy to watch, I love your characters and I am loving your work more and more. Whatever accolades may come your way, you both fully deserve them. Keep up the excellent work!

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Yaaay Michelle......boot that dropkick of a son to the kerb!!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with Margot!! Electric in deed!! But...... i do feel very very Strongly!!! That at the end of tonights and other episodes!! There has never been any mention!!! Off Helplines!! For the Physical and Mental Abuse That Tyrone has Sufferd and Still is!!! As a man myself! Who has Sufferd The Same!! if not Worse!! MEN DO SUFFER ABUSE!!!!!!!! Maybe Forgotten???????? Enough said!! A HURT MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone viewing or commenting on this story has ever suggested that men in everyday life do not suffer abuse. However, it is odd that they post helplines after each episode of other storylines of this nature. Perhaps you just missed them? In any case, I sincerely hope that men who feel they need to reach out to someone for help are able to find the resources they need.


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