Friday, 21 September 2012

Catherine Tyldesley gets Trollied

I'm loving the supermarket sitcom Trollied that's now into its second series on Sky TV.  And there's a familiar face starring in the show as Corrie's Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price) plays the part of Emma.

If you haven't seen Trollied, I recommend it.  This new series also stars ex-Corrie actress Stephanie Beacham, who played Martha with the barge on Corrie.  In Trollied, Stephanie plays the part of new supermarket manager, the "rough as" Lorraine Chain.

It also stars Rita May, who played Jack Duckworth's girlfriend Connie in Corrie.

Trollied is set in Valco, a fictional supermarket in the north-west of England.  Well worth a look in if you've got Sky TV.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh.. looks like fun. I wonder if one of the small Canadian specialty channels will pick it up..
Rebecca in TO

Tvor said...

I downloaded the first series and there's lots of ex-corrie stars i saw in it! Rachel Lescovac, Karen Henthorn and the actress that played Connie as well.

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