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Monday 24 September 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 24 Sep

It all felt very tense at the home of  new parents Tyrone and Kirsty tonight. As Tyrone left for work I would bet that there were a considerable number of viewers who understood his rather anxious backward look as he set off to the garage. For now, baby Ruby is safe, though the crockery didn't do so well. Kirsty's yelling, 'What is it you want from me?' is probably a question most new mothers have asked, but not with quite such a large dose of menace. Did Tyrone overreact to finding the chaos by dashing out of the door to the medical centre to have the bairn checked out? Well, given Kirsty's history, probably not.

Vulgar and loud? The audacity! It had to be Norris, who is roundly rumbled here, and his 'weird' girlfriend Mary. Still, with £5,000 of Selfridges vouchers up for grabs, Gloria might be excused for opening the box.

Ken scrubbed up well for his first meeting at Bessie Street school and the more significant  meeting with Mrs. Papadopolus.Twenty years on and the almost marriage breaker, Wendy Crozier, has barely changed. Still self-important, still ambitious and still carrying a sense of entitlement.But Ken and Doctor Martin Luther King? Well certainly Ken will have had a dream but surely that is where the comparison ends.

The Lloyd has had a daughter for 28 years but just didn't know it story is not really very convincing, the acting not quite up to speed either.The Michelle sections were very well acted though. How infuriating for Michelle that her son, while claiming not to be able to pay board, is able to buy Tracey jewellery. Too much vigorous snogging tonight, especially with Kirk and Beth. Still what better compliment can you pay to a 'naturally fragrant person' than to tell them they smell better than pie or, and here is the ultimate, 'the top of a dog's head'. It must be love.      

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Enjoying seeing Wendy back and the up and coming story lines. I find Tyrone an idiot but he was particularly good last night. Gloria Boreia just becomes more and more of an irritatant, I sincerely hope she does not become a permanent character.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tyrone and Kirsty were well played last night and I was right behind Kirsty for once. Not for smashing the place up but for throwing Sally and Fizz out. What a dope Tyrone is to send *his* friends round to support his wife. Silly Sally marching in with her sandwiches, picking up someone else's sleeping baby without permission. Unfortunately, very true to life! We know her mum is coming soon but why hasn't Tyrone suggested Kirsty get some of her friends round. Come to think of it, where are Kirsty's friends, not even mentioned, and we saw some of them when we first met her. And again Corrie plays with reality - no counsellor would discuss anything on the phone about a client. If he's worried, Tyrone should get the health visitor round. Plot device after plot device.

Loon the Baloon said...

What is going on with Gloria, how dare she bar Norris, she has no right or jurisdiction anyway. It is not her pub, she is not even employed there, she is a guest of the landlady. Ghastly woman. Sue Johnson aint doing her career any favours with this role!


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