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Monday 17 September 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie, Monday 17th September

Coronation Street, 7.30pm

TINA TURNS TO RITA WHILST TOMMY TRIES TO STOP HER PLANS. Tina tries to make Tommy see that what she's going to do will make no difference to them but he won't listen. He heads off to see Owen and begs him not to let Tina do the surrogacy. Tina meanwhile pours her heart out to Rita about the state of her and Tommy's relationship, without giving away too many of the details. She's encouraged by this to have another go at persuading Tommy she's doing the right thing but he insists he wants nothing to do with it. He tells her he can't promise he'll be at home when she gets back and leaves Tina in pieces. When Rita tackles Tommy for hurting Tina, she's stunned at what he tells her.

KIRK RESCUES BETH. Kirk stays silent as the factory is buzzing about the bloke Beth's hoping to bag, but later offers to give her lift to her date with destiny. When they arrive outside a pub on a rough estate, Kirk notices beneath the bravado that Beth's quite nervous. He bolsters her confidence by telling her she looks gorgeous. He watches forlornly as she heads into the pub. Inside, Beth's taken back when her date Dave looks nothing like his web picture. After knocking back his drink, Dave suggests they cut to the chase and go back to his. Beth scoffs, asserting that she's not that easy. When Dave reckons at their age they can't afford not to be, she leaves the pub with Dave in pursuit. He starts threatening her, but thankfully she has a white knight waiting to swoop in for the rescue.

SUNITA RETURNS TO LIFE IN THE SHOP. Sunita tells Karl that Dev offered her a job and to her surprise Karl tells her to take the job as they need the money. At the shop Dev is cold and businesslike to Sunita. Later he hears Karl discussing plans to cook a special meal for Sunita to make up for their morning tiff. He grins, hatching a plan.

A discovery in his cab gives Lloyd an excuse to visit Mandy

Coronation Street, 8.30pm

TOMMY PREPARES TO LEAVE WEATHERFIELD. As Owen watches on, Rita tackles Tina who confirms Tommy's bombshell. Reminding her what she's doing isn't legal, she offers her money if that's what she needs. Tina insists she knows what she's doing and the legalities will be fine if no one finds out. Later Tina returns home and crumbles when she realises Tommy has gone. Owen sees Tommy at the bus stop with his bags and tells him he thinks he's a fool for leaving. Tina's making a sacrifice to rescue him from his own mess and doing something wonderful for Gary and Izzy at the same time. Owen's words have clearly had an impact on Tommy, but will they make him change his mind?

BETH SEES KIRK IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT. Picking Kirk up off the ground from where he's been floored by Dave, Beth quickly helps him into the van and tells him to drive. On the way back they run out of fuel. Kirk heads off to a service station with Beth who's still grateful for his intervention and horrified he was hurt. During the walk along the hard shoulder they share tales of their lacklustre love lives. Beth reckons it's never been easy. Kirk tells her he can't understand why. He thinks she's lovely. Are the pair getting close enough to share a goodnight kiss when they get back to Weatherfield?

LLOYD PERSISTS IN HIS ATTEMPT TO REKINDLE AN OLD FRIENDSHIP. Lloyd presents Mandy with the bracelet she left in his cab last night. He doesn't notice her reticence as he invites himself in for a cuppa. As he sips his tea, Mandy subtly tries to get him to go. When he doesn't take the hint, she tells him she has no interest in revisiting their friendship and asks him to leave. Later, Eileen tells him its probably for the best. There's little to be gained from harking back to the past. Lloyd supposes she's right but it's clear he's not entirely convinced.

Dev ruins Karl's romantic gesture by keeping Sunita back late and Gloria reads about a Pub of the Year competition and forms a plan

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Still not getting why Anna who is up to this to her armpits isn't offering to be the surrogate.


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