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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Different directions on Coronation Street

OK, hands up, guilty as charged m'lord. I'm one of the bloggers who, when the wind is blowing in the right direction, can happily (Julie) carp on about storylines and characters. I've ranted about the car crash that is Tracy Barlow/McDonald/Whatever and the life-crushing slice of misery known as Tina McIntyre. But enough.

At the moment Corrie is showing signs of steering away from the obvious. You know what I mean - plot devices employed by some dramas that may as well be signposted and decked out in flashing lights. Any easy one to anticipate on the distant horizon might be the coming together of Tyrone and Fiz. On paper it looks like an easy fix. Match up two old mates with a bit of history, both single parents and both characters who are popular with viewers. What's the betting though that the powers-that-be take us in a completely different direction? If rumours are to believed (and let's face it, we are suckers for a juicy rumour) Fiz may come to harm in a cheery festive gas leak storyline. With Tyrone as the cause of the trouble, this could drive a wedge between the two of them for years to come.

The Maria-Marcus relationship is another little twist, just as we settled down to the prospect of Mrs Connor settling down with meat-head Jason. Thankfully, we have the rather good Charlie Condou at the heart of this storyline so expect a bucketload of angst any day now.

Spanish night at Roy's Rolls could also be the making of Mary. Full marks to storyliners and writers for moving away from the somewhat tedious Mad Mary plots by making her a little more human. If she is to have any staying power in the Street, Mary has to be brought in from the cold.

One story which could be a winter warmer is the 'normal service has been resumed' version of Owen. The smug little family set up with Anna, the perpetually vacant-looking Izzy and explosive Gary could never last. Again, if rumours are to be believed, the Owen is going to get nasty with Tina (hurrah for that!) I'll be cheering on from a distance.

So how about it, storyliners? Why not take Tina in a different direction? Michelle Keegan is a talented actress so why not give her a fresh, positive, hopeful approach in 2013? As it is, she exists merely to snarl and whinge. She's a young biddy, an Ivy Tilsley in the making and a bit of a bore. Let's have a fun Tina and Tommy in the New Year. Or kill them off with a double dose of Deirdre's stuffed marrow and Victoria sponge 'cake'.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Great blog, agree with everything. Trouble with Tina and Tommy is that the writers have middle-aged them. It's fine to be a wise head etc, but they should be doing kids stuff eg clubbing or going to free music festivals, not sitting in an oldies' pub. Why does she wear her hair up? It looks so dowdy IMO. The writers seem to have a problem with young adults. They can do 'Holly Oaks' stuff for Sophie et al, but anyone over 20 is lumped in with the 'grown-ups'.

Janice said...

I think Fiz and Tyrone are heading closer and the requisite Intensive Care scene will speed up them discovering their true feelings for each other (Soap Plot #254). Fiz is always forgiving, even to Stapes and Sally. It is not like Tyrone messed the boiler on purpose.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Yeah I can't see Fiz holding it against Tyrone. She has a forgiving nature and she knows Tyrone would never do anything on purpose to hurt her and that he would have only been trying to help her. I think Janice might be right in that it will bring them closer. Well I hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

The Tracy/Ryan thing is gag-worthy and not believable IMO so get rid asap.
I would like to see Kevin and Sally back together..I think this is in the works. (hoping)


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