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Friday 21 September 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie, Friday 21 September

Coronation Street, Friday 21st September 2012 at 7.30pm

LLOYD UNCOVERS A LIFE ALTERING SECRET. Lloyd's had a sleepless night after his encounters with Mandy and Jenna. He's growing increasingly convinced that regardless of Mandy's denials, the girl is his daughter. Eileen tells him he needs to stop this train of thought, forget he met Mandy again and move on. But he can't. He goes back to Mandy's and, discovering Jenna is alone, asks if he can wait for her mother. Jenna agrees and is soon being charmed when Mandy finally arrives. She orders Lloyd out but he insists he needs answers. Mandy goes outside with Lloyd who tells her he knows Jenna's his. They're unaware, however, that Jenna has followed them.

TINA GARY AND IZZY VISIT THE FERTILITY CLINIC. It's a busy day for Tina with her first trip to the clinic and moving into Owen's flat. During her one to one interview, Tess, the counsellor, lays down the bare facts of what Tina's about to embark on. Izzy and Gary are clearly concerned about Tina having second thoughts but she assures them that Tess told her nothing she hadn't already thought about herself. She's concerned that she won't see any cash until the process has started and this is still weeks away and turns to Owen, once again, for help.

GLORIA'S POWER TRIP THREATENS THE ROVERS. Stella arrives home and is stunned to discover that Gloria has turned the Rovers into a B&B. Her mother is in deeper hot water when the full picture of the chaos she's created emerges, including barring Norris during comments "card-gate".

Word of Beth and Kirk's budding romance gets round. The only person who doesn't seem to know anything about it, however, is Kirk.

Coronation Street, Friday 21st September 2012 at 8.30pm

THE TRUTH BLOWS LLOYD'S WORLD APART. Lloyd and Jenna try to take Mandy's revelation in as she tries to find excuses for decades' worth of deceit. After Jenna leaves in disgust, Mandy rails at Lloyd for blowing her family apart. Lloyd leaves feeling guilty, not sure he can ever fix the situation he's stirred up. Later, when Eileen and Paul have taken Lloyd for a drink, his hopes are buoyed when Jenna appears. He suggests they go somewhere to talk in private but Jenna refuses. What she has to say she'd like everyone to hear.

OWEN HAS A CHANGE OF HEART. Tina opens up to Owen about how much his kindness means to her and Tommy. She lays this on thickly as she's preparing to ask him for money again. She doesn't need to, however, as later, Izzy tells him how much Tina means to her and Gary. She'd hate it if anything went wrong. Owen realises it might if Tina doesn't get an advance so he turns up to the flat and presents Tommy and Tina with £5k. Tina can't wait to see Kirsty's face as they pay Tyrone off in one fell swoop but Tommy insists that Tina gives £2k to the pizza parlour to pay off the debt he owes them.

GLORIA TAKES CONTROL. Still going on about the Pub of the Year competition, Gloria installs a comment box in the Rovers. She mithers the punters to place their complimentary comments in the comment box in order to win the competition. Stella gets increasingly annoyed by Gloria pestering her customers and in despair she warns Gloria to stop harassing the customers.

It might be love, as Kirk and Beth get closer.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I am sorry to say I am finding Gloria rather boring and her antics rather juvenile and tiresome. How long is she going to be in it does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Frosty. I'm not yet seeing any point to the character of Gloria, other than an attempt to flesh out Stella with her family.
Such a fantastic actress going to waste.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I really thought we were going to see a dark side to Gloria which would give more depth to Stella. At the moment, they're relating like Eddy and Saffy in Ab Fab. Great characters - in a sitcom.

Anonymous said...

A long-lost mother (played by a popular established actress) arrives on the scene, upsets the regulars, tries to take over her offspring's business with 'radical' new ideas, all the while concealing her reduced circumstances and financial dependence on her offspring, with whom she has a fractious relationship, interfering at every opportunity. It would seem Gloria is basically Sylvia, who was intended as a replacement for Blanche but has not worked out owing to the unavailability of the actress.

Loon the Balloon said...

How many times does Stella say "now dont interfere mother" for her to do precisely that. Its like a rather unfunny sitcom.

ChiaGwen said...

I don't know....but I'm not liking this Mandy with Lloyd. She seems somehow too old for him...I mean Cheryl who he had the fling with seems as old as his new found daughter.

Beth said...

Garry is seriously irritating me right now with his complete selfishness to have what he wants no matter what. He seems to have a little bit of a pout every time somebody even questions the surrogacy which makes him far too immature to be a dad. And why such a hurry? Only a few weeks ago Izzy miscarried. They've not long been back together and why don't they wait to get married and make a serious commitment first and then see how it goes? Another ridiculous sensational story rushed out to beat the other soaps.

Agree with all of the above about Gloria. It doesn't help that we are seeing more of the dire St Ella as a result.

And my early impression of Mandy... I don't like her. Her performance is very forced and unnatural.

Any more news on the end of the Collinson reign? It can't come quick enough for the sake of the show.


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