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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Coronation Street Friday double episode review, August 10

Tracy Barlow discovered the problems of being for so long the girl who cried wolf. After all her old scheming tricks over the years, nobody, not even her own parents, believed her when she said she was ill - until she dramatically collapsed because of  kidney failure.  She had a kidney transplant years ago -  had to say I had forgotten about that and it never seems to have been never mentioned in storylines since.

Steve was dragged away from arranging a date with the now apparently willing Michelle to Tracy's hospital bed where the officially now seriously ill Tracy, flanked  by a distraught Deirdre was, despite being plugged into various tubes, nevertheless delighted to see the man she still holds a torch for and begged for him not to leave her. 

Tyrone was being comforted by sympathetic Tina following Kirsty's departure and decided to come clean about  the mother of his unborn child's absence  to boss Kevin and others. "It's time I stopped being such a pushover," he declared. Good to see the character of Tyrone has been fleshed out from his previous comedy village idiot territory to allow Alan Hansall to flex his acting muscles.

Mary, all dressed up and made up to the nines complete with  fascinator, was all of a flutter with a glint in her eye as she whisked a decidedly reluctant Roy off in her camper van to the classical concert in the country. Suspicious Anna  knew  exactly what Mary's game was and warned her off. in the cafe. When at the venue, Mary "claimed"  the hotel had lost their booking for two hotel rooms and, barely concealing a triumphant smile, that she and Roy would have to stay overnight in her cost  campervan. That was enough of Mary's machinations for Roy, who immediately insisted they rush back to see Hayley, whom he already felt guilty about as he was missing her ballroom  dancing contest. Mary's dreams ended as he declared his love for Hayley. "She means everything to me." A defeated Mary conceded: "One day I hope a man will feel about me the way you feel about Hayley. Hope she knees how lucky she is."

Once they arrived back in Weatherfield, to the news that  Hayley and Norris had  won a silver medal, Roy greeted her in an uncharacteristic PDA with a warm  hug, as Mary looked sadly on and declined joining their celebratory trip to the Rovers. I'm glad Roy and Mary  were not  depicted into having an actual affair - although acting wise they were a lovely partnership - It would have been so out of character for Roy, who for all his eccentricities is a decent man and devoted to his wife,. Secondly,  tragi-comic Mary seems forever doomed to hopeless  romantic crushes on the wrong men - Mary in a happy couple wouldn't seem right. Would she?


Anonymous said...

You know, if Tracy were to die, nobody would even care. This character is done like dinner and nobody cares what she gets up to least I don't. She is not redeemable and maybe, just maybe, someone might have said "you know, if she does murder Charlie Subbs, it's going to be hell getting anyone in her corner" they did a 'Dallas' and pulled the old 'technicality' mumbo jumbo to jump start her prison release...hoping that she might gain some sort of fan base but IMO it backfired. She needs to go...I don't care how...just get rid. It's pretty bad when you're actually hoping for a demise of one of the characters on a soap but they should have killed her and kept Claire and Ashley.

Anonymous said...

The only hope I hold for Tracy is that she actually dies in some spectacularly horrible way. Soon.

Anonymous said...

They've either got to turn her into Beth's comedy partner or get rid. Pronto. The thing with Steve is beyond boring.


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