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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update June 11 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.
Rita and Dennis go off on their honeymoon cruise while Tina growls at Tommy over the bar of the Rovers, across the cobbles and down the Street. He wants her to forgive him his trespasses and take him back but she’s holding out for now. She’s far too god for him, you know.

All is not sweetness and light at Eileen’s house when Sean and Marcus argue over Maria. Sean’s a bit concerned, as we all are dear, as we all are, that Marcus is spending too much time with Maria and Sean’s nose is put well out of joint.  There’s worse to come with Marcus takes Maria to the Bistro on a date because he says he feels sorry for her, and Maria spends the next day mooning about the salon whispering Marcus’ name to anyone who can hear over the perm solution sloshing in their ears.

Desperate for another night of sub-duvet shenanigans, Karl tells Stella he’s off for a lads weekend in Blackpool.  She agrees, but isn’t happy. “I don’t want a repeat of Scarborough!” she warns him. “I didn’t nick that donkey!” he replies. “They found it in your room!” she retorts. Meanwhile, Sunita lies to Dev that’s she’s staying overnight in Liverpool with her mate Lara but Dev gets suspicious because Sunita-no-mates has never mentioned this Lara before. There’s some powerful drama between Sunita and Dev as she leaves him for Karl and moves into the Rovers to be comforted by prayer with St Ella of the Back Room.  When Karl finds out Sunita’s left Dev, he’s not best pleased and tells her he wants to knock things on the head, which wasn’t what, or where, Sunita was hoping for at all.  

With Anna and Owen off enjoying their romantic spa break in a luxury hotel, Gary and Izzy look after little Faye and play house. It’s a lovely little story setting up for Izzy getting pregnant later this year and giving the excellent actors who play Gary and Izzy a much needed chunk of storyline.

Elsewhere,  Simon’s being used by Peter and Leanne to bicker at each other and all their fighting takes its toll on the little ‘un when he does a runner from school. He runs back to the Street only to find his family looking for him all over the place. So he hides behind a car and sneaks into the flat when no-one’s looking and then proceeds to get drunk on a bottle of wine that Carla’s hidden in th’utility cupboard. Peter finds his son out-cold on the sofa and rushes him to t’hospital where he’s kept in overnight for th’observation.  Peter and Leanne almost mellow with love for the little boy as he’s all wrapped up in his t’hospital bed but then start arguing and fighting right over his head. Leanne wants the social services informed and Carla Connor hanged.

And finally this week, Gail gets promoted from Bistro cleaner to waitress as an extra pair of hands are needed when Lewis rings in sick. She’s not great on the charm, isn’t Gail,  spilling wine on a customer’s trouser leg and when asked how the duck was, she replied “Quacking!”.  I reckon we should see more of Gail acting above her station in the Bistro, she’s great fun. In fact, she’s quacking. 

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Tvor said...

You'd think Social Services would be called in by the hospital, never mind whether the parents decide to do it or not. Especially since ther'es an ongoing custody case and that Cafcass officer should be made aware of this.

Wait... i thought Tina did take Tommy back?

Cobblestone said...

Knowing what he does, I'd have thought Brian has a duty to contact Social Services, hasn't he?

Humpty Dumpty said...

All schools have a designated teacher (Head/senior staff etc) who notify social services of their concerns, as well as copying their referral to the Education Welfare Officer. In this case, the teacher would include the information that CAFCASS was involved.


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