Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Craig Charles: "Steve and Lloyd are Corrie's odd couple"

In this week's 20th birthday issue of Inside Soap magazine, there's an interview with Craig Charles who talks about the return of cabbie Lloyd Mullaney to Coronation Street.

Craig says that after a bumpy start between Steve and Lloyd, the paid end up being best mates again and might even move in together.

"I'd love for Lloyd and Steve to play the odd couple for a while," he says. "There's so much scope for comedy in that, and it would be in the great Corrie tradition too. We could be like the new Stan Ogden and Eddie Yeats - sat there in our boxers, string vests on, watching the telly, eating burgers and talking rubbish. It'd be great fun!".

Sounds great to this Corrie fan, Lloyd and Steve together are great to watch.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Twenty odd years ago, there was a sitcom called 'Nightingales' about three nightwatchmen in an office block. Wonderfully surreal and definitely Steve and Lloyd could have similar scenes in the cab office when nothing is happening and they're going mad with boredom.

Anonymous said...

So true, the crazy silent world of the cab office - they are a good pair!

Cobblestone said...

And let us not forget that Eileen is now back on switch where she belongs. Looking forward to the Odd Trio!

corriefanqooq said...

One of my favourite Corrie moments was between Lloyd and Steve. In the process of telling Steve that Cherly was gone, they brought up James Brown, Michael Jackson and Cat Stevens in very funny 'aside', that was such a big part of Lloyd delivering the news. Love these two characters together!

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