Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sue Nicholls meets Corrie fan who saved her life

In November last year, an unknown fan wrote into Coronation Street after they spotted a mole on Sue Nicholl's arm as she played Audrey on telly in Corrie. We blogged about that here.

After receiving the fan's email Sue was contacted by the health office at the studio and was informed of the email and that maybe she should have it checked as a precaution. Following on with that, Sue had the mole removed and tests later proved it was in the early stages of skin cancer.

Sue wanted to thank the fan personally, but couldn't as ITV hadn't kept the email, says The Daily Mail today.

And so the paper launched an appeal for the fan to contact them and there's a lovely story today with Sue and the Corrie fan who saved her life.

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Nathan Johnson said...

Such a nice woman. What a lovely story :)

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