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Sunday 10 June 2012

Corrie weekly awards: June 4 - 8

David against Goliath award: Tina is determined to stand up against the big bad drug dealer.

Exclusion award: Sean is feeling left out by Marcus and Maria.

Thawing relations award: Maybe Tina and Kirsty might be friends yet.

Jumping to conclusions award: Norris as always, gets the wrong end of the stick about Dennis and Norma.

Pants on Fire award: Dennis still lied to Rita, no matter what the circumstances.

Musical coordination award: Jukebox star: Sunita's telling Dev her friend lives in Liverpool. Was that inspired by the Beatles' song playing on the jukebox?

The Penny's Dropping award: Dev is starting to get suspicious. He thinks she's going off him. Then the money business and friends he doesn't know about, it all makes him think she's leaving him. His radar's up now. It's only a matter of time. These things always come out.

Calling his bluff: Dev had it spot on but Sunita bluffed, and lied and accused him of bullying *her* and walked out the door to try to persuade Dev he got it wrong. It's all classic moves.

Lines of the Week:

Ken "Breakfast!!" Dennis "The last meal of a condemned man!" Ken "Hope not. It's only Wheetabix"
Roy "My mother is a staunch republican and a life long curmudgeon"
Norris "Apparently I witter!"
Sally to Julie "Are you religious?" Julie "Oh no! I just like the buildings"
Rick "You drop that bag in the water, this one goes in straight after"
Dennis to Tommy "In my experience, few women can resist a man willing to grovel"
Dev to Sunita "Why is it I don't believe a single word you're telling me" (because she's lying)
Sunita "It's somebody you know because you've made him up"

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Dilly Daydream said...

Sunita is seriously getting on my wick now. What a bare-faced liar she is!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Beauty Spa in Police Car Award: Both Rita and Scowler the Bridesmaid looked pretty worse for wear after their canal experience with Rick. The police whipped them off to the registry office and lo and behold they both stepped out like they had just left the beauty salon, with Rita acquiring a hat and Scowler a flower for her coiffured hair. Marvellous!

Take your word for it award: Hard pressed Manchester police taking the word of a recently sacked member of the force and sending 5 cars sirens blazing to arrest a single drug dealer.

Better than a bank award: Er why did Sunita put the stash of cash in an unlocked cupboard in a tiny house with two inquisitive kids around? She really is as stupid as she looks.

Life or Death rota award: The rota was obviously so urgent and pressing that Stella had to leave her post at the Rovers yet again to bang on Sunita’s door, have they never herd of phones or texting in Weatherfield?

Designer gear award: This is supposed to be a small northern back street in the middle of a recession, but instead of the usual Debenhams and Marks and Spencer outfits, Weatherfield is togged up in expensive designer gear and hats for the wedding. These are people that supposedly earn peanuts/minimum wage in local jobs as well.

Unfunny story award: This hotpotgate rubbish, just gives Sean a vehicle to over act in his usual Mr Humphreys way. It’s embarrassing.

Too proud to dress up award: Why wasn’t Nick in fancy dress like the others?

Easily pleased award: Maria had only just sat down with Marcus in the Bistro and ordered the wine and she was already gushing “it was the best date she had ever been on” Eh?

Dilly Daydream said...

Excellent additional awards, Frosty.

Tvor said...

St. Ella had tried to call/text Sunita but Sunita had bashed her phone on the floor by then.

Considering Maria's past dates, I would assume she anticipated it being the best date considering it was with one of her best friends.

The designer gear could have been knockoffs :)

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Dev was so suspicious, why didn't he wait to check the calls on Sunita's phone? Because she wouldn't then have the opportunity to ridiculously flounce out with Stella. Oh please, let this story end.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't show up for work, I'm not sure my boss would come banging on my door within 5 minues of my shift start. But it's Stella the Superstar..coming to the rescue yet again. Dense as a fog bank she can't put two and two together even though it's staring her right in the face.
I expected her to pop out of Rita's wedding cake!!

Llifon said...

And Stella's fab line: "I got myself involved" Not for the bloody first time!!!

maggie muggins said...

I think Sally was wearing the same curious pink & purple fascinator that she wore to the last wedding (Sophie & Sian's). And yea, there be knock-offs.

Oh, Sunita, Sunita. Will the real Sunita please come back?


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