Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shobna Gulati named Rear of the Year

Coronation Street actress Shobna Gulati has won the Wizard Jeans Rear of the Year title.

Along with John Barrowman, Shobna was a winner in the Wizard Jeans Rear of the Year after winning a public vote for the cheeky title.

Shobna, who plays Corrie's Sunita Alahan, said she had to thank her mother for her prize-winning asset.

"I am really honoured and flattered to be a winner of this year's competition and for my bum to be etched into the history of the award's alumni - a list which includes so many other distinguished bottoms. And I'd also like to say thanks - in the words of, 'I got it from my mama'."

Barrowman is known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood and Doctor Who as well as his West End stage roles. "With tush tightly toned, cheeks firmly clenched and a big smile on my face, I'm thrilled to be awarded the accolade," he said.

Sally Allen, of sponsor Wizard Jeans, called the winners "two excellent examples of this year's ideal rear. Shobna's slim but womanly silhouette is a fine example of the happy, healthy female form for 2012 and John's rear is clearly admired on an international basis, judging by the number of fans who voted for him. No doubt his dancing prowess helps to keep him in tremendous shape."

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Danny-K said...

I read of this earlier today on one of the news boards, with the same photo of Shobna.

- Laughed my socks off at one dissapointed wag who simply posted:

"And they show us a picture of her face?"

He hee! LOL!

Danny-K said...

...And 2 seconds after posting the photo changes to show her rear.

Glenda Young said...

The pic has just arrived.

Rachel said...

Karl's hand is just out of shot ;-)

Danny-K said...

Tee hee LOL! Rachel

Anonymous said...

Oh bother. In the photo out there where she's riding on the back of the male winner, she looks like she's sat in something before climbing aboard. And the male winner has no bum, never mind a great one! :(

Anonymous said...

"Shobna's slim but womanly silhouette is a fine example of the happy, healthy female form for 2012" - she's not slim but womanly, she's a stick with boobs!

Anonymous said...

A stick with implants more like it and I don't think her butt is anything at all...flat and boney but it was in just about every shot since the writers thought it would be a good idea for it to have it's own storyline. And Eva has a way better rack than Sunita anyday.

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