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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 18 2012

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There’s only been two episodes this week due to Euro football so not much to report on this week.  But first, a gripe.  I’m sick to the back teeth of back room St Ella. She’s in every scene of every storyline of every episode and I have had enough. Yes, I know that the landlady of the Rovers Return is an important role in Coronation Street and as such, she’s involved in many storylines and appears in many scenes. But enough, please, Corrie. Enough. St Ella isn’t that watchable, she’s not lovable and she’s ruining my enjoyment of watching my favourite TV programme.  Can we have an episode without her, just one? And can you make it soon, please?

Right, with that off my chest, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Jason decides Eva the cleavage is the woman of his dreams when she agrees to go out on a date with him. “You’re a cracking bird!” he tells her but he doesn’t yet know she’s only going out with him to wind up Nicky boy. She still doesn’t get it that Nick’s Just Not That Into Her when he encourages her out on the date with Jason and she’s still hankering after some rumpeh-pumpeh with Gail’s golden boy.  But Nick’s got other things on his mind in the shape of his ex-wife Leanne and it looks like she might just be warming to him again. This is wrong in a million different ways.

Leanne’s now got little Simon living with her in the back room of the Rovers after Peter makes the heartbreaking decision to let his son go.  As Leanne takes Simon out of the flat, Peter breaks down and cries but knows he has to do the right thing to keep Simon happy.    However, when he arranges to take Simon for a burger in town the next day, with Leanne’s blessing and all, she then changes her mind at the last minute, refusing to let Peter see his son. Boo! Hiss! We sat on the sofa shaking our heads and going “Leanne, you’re wrong there, love.”

Down at the salon, Audrey has a word with Maria after she spots that her stylist has clearly been inhaling too much perm solution and is falling for Marcus. Not that there’s anything wrong with Marcus, in fact there’s a lot right with him, but Marcus is gay and bright and Maria is straight and dim.

Over at the Rovers, Sunita’s moved in causing hassle for Karl who’s terrified she’s going to spill the beans to St Ella about their brief fling.  She keeps quiet for now and after sarcastic comments from Eva about overstaying her welcome in the pub, Sunita packs up and heads back to Dev.  But before she leaves, she throws the wad of cash back at Karl that he’d won at the bookies, just as Eva walks in the door of the back room at the pub.  Eva wants to know what’s to do, but no-one’s saying anything yet. 

And finally this week, Steve puts his house up for sale causing ructions for Tracy and Beth, who are furious with Old McDonald for trying to take their home away from them both.  So they join forces to put off a prospective buyer who comes to view the house, leaving the house in a mess with a decidedly kippery smell in the air. 

And that’s just about that for this week.  

This week's writers were  Carmel Morgan – who managed to get my favourite singer Alison Moyet’s 51st birthday mentioned in the episode - and Julie Jones. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:

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Danny-K said...

Tracy'n'Beth, last night, leaning against their doorway looking up at the For Sale sign - did my hearing betray me?

Well, yeah it did, it's before the 9:00pm watershed for starters, but -

But what was it that Beth said to Tracy in despair upon seeing the sign?

It sounded like the F word with: "We'll have ****ing buyers round now"
or was it some Salford colloquialism of 'mucking' buyers?

Replayed it a dozen times but the word that precedes 'ing' eludes me.
Was it 'flipping'?

Adam said...

I agree with you. She's in it all the time, and it's very wrong indeed. Fair enough she has to appear when the storyline involves her (I guess) but I particularly hate it when she pops up in things that she has no involvement in at all. It's as if the producers are trying to wear us down to the point where we just accept her. They should rename it Stella Street :O)

Anna in nz said...

Haha. I liked how you made your point with the photos too.

Yes, I am MEGA sick of Stella now. I also noticed how she's in every bloody scene. There's something so brittle and unlikeable about her.

abbyk said...

Love how the photos you choose sum up the current story lines.

Anonymous said...

I also thought I heard the F word from Beth - surely not though!

St.Ella should keep her nose out of Leanne's business - as if she would ever win mother of the year award.-NN

Humpty Dumpty said...

They're trying to turn Stella into a matriarch and she's just too insipid for the part. She's like a very weak cup of tea. The solution doesn't get stronger the more you pour. You simply end up feeling saturated.

Anonymous said...

I sure agree that there is far too much of Stella in scenes and just about every one. There are so many characters we would like to see more often. There are some whom we don't see for ages and when they do appear, they are given two seconds of dialogue and then disappear for ages again. It would be possible to create some interesting storylines without bringing in the likes of Stella. I am also quite tired of Eva--she is boringgggg and fake. Let's see more Fiz, Ches, Beth and her son, Sylvia!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so depressed by all the nasty comments about Stella. I love Michelle Collins and I think her accent is brill. Why do people come on the internet to be unkind?

Anonymous said...

I really want to warm to Stella; I do. However, I just find watching her just makes me feel like that character is lacking chemistry, or something to spark my interest. It's nothing to do with her accent at all, I think it's best described above as weak tea; I want this character to spark on screen or step aside for awhile.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Thank you Mrs Collins second from above. The amount of screen time Stella gets is just ridiculous. Talk about thrusting her down our throats. She is an insipid character with a plastic face and a silly raspy voice. Ms Collins never and will never get the impact she made as Cindy Beale. She is just being made irritating by being on far too much and shoe horned into scene and stories that really dont need her at all.

Anna in nz said...

Yes, I don't think it's being unkind to Michelle Collins to say that you don't like the character. I think it's bad casting more than anything. And the consequences of that are big because she's the pub landlady so she's in it a lot.


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