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Sunday 17 June 2012

Coronation Street weekly awards, June 11 - 13

Sins of the father award: Simon turned to booze. Well, after the example he's had all his young life, and all he overheard, we're not surprised. That was a very long "10 minutes" search.

Patronising award: Brian really doesn't have a way with kids, does he?

He just can't help himself award: Nick can't stay away from Leanne when she's in trouble. She's vulnerable. He's there to pick her up. Do the maths.

Agony Aunt award: She's only 17 but Sophie seems to be the go-to girl for Dev's marital problems.

Beat yourself up award: Guilty star: Peter feels very guilty about messing up with Simon and doesn't know how to fix it. He figured it out in the end.

Change the record award: Marcus is first and foremost on Maria's things to talk about.

Blazing Row award: What a brilliant rant and rave Leanne had at Peter's expense. But she should have kept it out of Simon's room.

Familiarity breeds contempt award: Karl can't handle Sunita under his own roof. Why didn't Sunita to go the empty flat? Well, we know why but she didn't expect him to dump her.

Woman scorned award: Sunita's not taking: "Yer dumped" for an answer.

Lines of the Week:
Stella to Karl: "I'm glad it's them going through this and not us" (give it 5 minutes)
Peter to Ken: "You are interested in the ongoing disaster that is my life"
Dev: "I'll give him a month, he will let you down" (How about an hour?)
Sunita to Dev: "This is the problem... the minute I reach the breaking point you're begging like a dog and you put me down in the same breath. You should have tried harder! You should have paid more attention!"
Gail told the customer that the chicken was good but the duck was quacking!
Leanne ranting to Peter: "Everything is your fault because everything is about you and your terms"
Leanne: "Two alcoholics in charge of a child. Yeah, that was going to end well!"
Eva: "It's a curse being this fabulous!"
Simon to Peter: "I thought if I had a drink, all my problems would go away" (ouch)

Carla thought she should leave, maybe go to Michelle's. Did she sell her flat? Maybe it's rented out?

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Anonymous said...

Wish somebody would punch Leanne's miserable face. She is doing my head in, such an unlikable character. And Simon is a little brat. "I prefer the taste to Cola" oh how funny, you screw everything up for your father, but make a joke about it. Wish the curly haired brat will leave!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree, whilst I think Simon is written a little wise for his age, in general the way he's been used by both his parents since their break up makes it so heartbreaking. He is the only innocent party in this situation.

Whilst they all love Simon, they each have their own agenda.
Hopefully this was a wake up call for the entire clan and they will learn to be civilized for Simon's sake.

Saying that, I do love a bit of Corrie drama, so bring on the fights, I've got a feeling this one is far from over...

Humpty Dumpty said...

Simon is hardly a brat in the way Faye might be described. He is not manipulating, lying or deliberately trying to wreck his father's happiness for his own ends. He's just miserable. Peter brought all this mess on himself and until recently put Simon right at the bottom of his priorities.

Anonymous said...

At least the actor can act. The other children in this show with the exception of Faye are just wooden..nodding the head and look petrified half the time.
I'm glad he's with Leanne but now just watch him start pining for his dad. Leanne might just have bitten off more than she can chew.

I am also glad to see the end of Sunita and was a disaster from start to end. This was not a believable pairing whatsoever IMO.

Isn't Faye just as sweet as honey? Wonder what she's got up her sleeve the little minx.

Greg said...

Haha, when I Eva mentioned what Gail had said I laughed for a while! The character's gone in a brilliant direction recently and Helen Worth is playing the comedy brilliantly - hope it carries on, she's had a miserable run for the majority of her time!

Anonymous said...

Curious indeed that Dev would turn to an underaged lesbian for a chin wag about his marital strife - that's a twist I didn't expect but really, who else is interested in listening to Dev?

Nick strikes me as a rescuer, both in his interaction with Nick but also in his past actions helping out David, Kylie and Becky. I find it to be one of his few endearing qualities, actually.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that should be Nicks' interaction with Leanne, not himself! ;)

Tvor said...

With Sophie, Dev has a captive audience!


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