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Saturday 23 June 2012

Dribblesome Dev

It's been a funny old Corrie week then for viewers in the UK. In what appeared to be a nostalgic nod to the 1970s, the show appeared on Monday and Wednesday only. What next? Power cuts? David Cassidy back in the charts?

For me, star of the week was our very own Wooden Spoon, Eva. I am obviously going to have to adjust my opinion of this character who emerged from food-stomping, handbag-toting sourpuss, to joyous megabitch. Whoever fed her those scenes earlier this week deserves an OBE. Or at the very least a meal voucher for the Bistro. Eva is obviously destined to be a shiny, funny mistress of the strop. How wonderful it was to see her round on the hapless (and indeed hopless) Sunita, the latter of whom had just sold her soul to the Dev(il).

Dev. Dear old Dribblesome Dev. There he sat, in a sea of snot and tears, mumbling and then BELLOWING as only he can. Within minutes though, he was resplendent in some dodgy John Travolta-esque shirt, booming at the Rovers regulars about his forthcoming nuptials. Round we go again. Still, at least it puts an end to the grotesque bonk-a-thons between Britain's Best Bosoms and Karl, a character who seems to be inheriting the vocal style of the late Sir Jimmy Saville.

Beth, that hybrid of Janice Battersby and Cilla Battersby, continues to go from strength to strength and, for this viewer, is more watchable than either of the other two.

The end is nigh, apparently for, Sean and Marcus. Hurrah! Maybe there will be a chance for Marcus to breathe a little and perhaps develop away from the claustrophobic Grimshaw Towers. Charlie Condou is one of the show's better actors and Marcus would make an ideal mate for the resurgent Eva. Let them shine!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Dave you made Frosty laugh out loud - which is a very very unusual occurance - with your comment about Karl sounding more and more like Sir Jimmy Saville - hows about that then! Mention should surely be made about Eva and her clevage, she stood like Boudicia a head taller than the snivelling stalker Sunita and put the drip firmly in her place. She is defintely growing on us!

Anonymous said...

Eva is a star...boobage or not.
I am wondering where Amber was during her dad's crisis...wouldn't she have swooped in screaming "I told you so" when Sunita left? Or maybe Dev in his manly misery was only able to sit and have a great big pity party for a couple of weeks, or however long Sunita decided to park her arse at the Rovers. I hope the get rid of this family...they're done like dinner.

Clinkers (David) said...

Glad it made you smile Frosty! Karl is getting more and more like a professional northerner with each episode. Anon - a vengeful Amber would have been fun!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wonder if the Alahan family are retained simply to make Corrie multi-cultural. Surely, tptb can see Dev came to the end of his story lines years ago, and Sunita is really not a strong enough character to keep on the books.

Glenda Young said...

wonderful post! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can't agree more that I, too, am looking forward to the break up of Sean and Marcus, so that Marcus can develop more on his own, or with anyone who isn't Sean! :)

Apple Cobbler said...

I'm really liking Eva at the moment- especially after telling it how it is to Sunitart. I'm also finding Beth very funny, but where's Craig? A fantastic character, needs more scenes!

Dev should just go away. The only thing more tragic than the predicament the character's in are Jimi's acting skills at the moment.


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