Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Steve and Michelle to reunite?

In this week's fab Inside Soap magazine there's some Coronation Street spoilers for summer 2012.  Most of them we've blogged here already but here they are again with the links incase you missed them first time around.

Izzy and Gary are going to have a lickle baby.
Lewis is going to die and there'll be heartache for Audrey.
Carla and Peter leave the Street
Ryan Connor returns and turns out to be a junkie

However, there's one spoiler that's news to us here on the Coronation Street Blog and it's that Steve and Michelle might just reunite.  Inside Soap say "Michelle will find some happiness too. Kym Marsh, who plays her, has hinted heavily that she and ex-boyfriend Steve McDonald may rekindle their romance.

"Could she be getting closer to a certain Mr McDonald again? Maybe!" teases the actress.  "Viewers probably think Michelle will get it on with Carla's brother Rob so the last person they'll be expecting her to team up with is Steve."

I quite like the sound of this.  It'll put Tracy's nose right out and that can only be a good thing.

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ChiaGwen said...

I AM ABSOLUTELY DISMAYED AND INFURIATED that they are going to kill off Lewis yet give us the crap of icky Sunita and Karl's affair. Now they might put Michelle back with Steve....WHY? Recycle, recycle....my day is now spoiled by these revelations..

Anonymous said...


Danny-K said...

Yes, don't see any reason to drop Lewis, even Nigel Havers has expressed surprise and disappointment. He's more or less, gone down reasonably well with viewers (particularly the female contingent) - so it must be a 'political' decision.

Political in that, maybe, somewhere along the line, perhaps with his Oscar winning films behind him, he's perhaps spoken out of turn against Collinson, and been overheard, perhaps more than once?

Can't think of any other reason - it has to be internal politics.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments that is a shame that Lewis has to go and that Steve-Michelle line is being recycled. I don't want to see Ryan back--long-faced chap. It will be nice to see peter/carla gone for some time. I am also quite tired of Simon line even though he is a great actor. Also sick of Karl-Sunita-Stella almost scene!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve and Michelle? No! And why bring Lewis back if you're just going to off him? Stupid.

Tvor said...

Nigel Havers "expressed surprise" but he was also booked for panto that he didn't want to give up.

Digger said...

@Tvor: Ah, the loyalty card. Trumps all others :o(

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