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Coronation Street Weekly Update June 25 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

We’re loving Eva the cleavage in our house this week, she’s wonderful to watch, all wobbly and watery, crying her eyes out over losing Nick and crying them out again when she finds out that Nick’s still in love with Leanne. She finds out Nick’s still in love with Leanne when she walks in the back room of the pub and Nick’s telling Leanne: “I still love you, Leanne”. Proof if ever it were needed.  Leanne has her head turned by fellas so often it’s on permanent swizzle and before we know it, she’s giving him a kiss up the ginnel.  Leanne warns Nick that she and Simon now come as a package. “I’ve always wanted to be a dad,” he replies, conveniently forgetting that he once forced Leanne into having an abortion.  How convenient for Nick that Leanne’s forgotten too.

When Eva’s not crying her eyes out over some fella, she’s keeping them firmly focussed on Sunita and Karl as she knows summat’s up between the two of them. Eva tells St Ella that she thinks barmaid Sunita, played by Barbara Windsor, and boozer Karl, played by Sid James, are having a right old carry on. St Ella throws Karl out (again) and within minutes takes him back (again) but she thinks he’s lying to her about his gambling, not his gambolling.  Meanwhile, Sunita trundles back home to Dev now that Karl wants nowt to do with her. Our favourite Desperate Housewife asks Dev to marry her and the Dev-ster says yes but only one of them is happy and it ain’t Sunita, no. 

In Roy’s Rolls, Hayley’s hyped up about going ballroom dancing. When Norris and Mary get wind of Hayley’s dance class, Mary drags Norris along after she finds out he’d once danced with Vera Duckworth in Blackpool’s tower ballroom. Well, he says he danced, but I think we all remember him best for that very, very long slide along the floor that he did on his knees.   

And finally this week, Marcus (in a very bad shirt) walks out on Sean calling him spiteful and selfish after he’d moaned all night long.  Marcus had only been lending an ear and a shoulder to cry on to his mate Aiden from work and Sean sulked all night instead ‘cos Marcus was giving his attention to somebody else.  Watch out Sean, or it’ll not just be Marcus’ ear and his shoulder he’ll be lending out.
And that’s just about that for this week.  

This week's writers were  Julie Jones and Jonathan Harvey. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful turn of words, Nora: "...but she thinks he’s lying to her about his gambling, not his gambolling."

Kylie O'Reilly said...

There was a scary leak on This Morning this morning saying that Mary is going to fall in love with Roy!

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