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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Craig Charles says he's staying on Coronation Street

Craig Charles will be returning to our screens on Monday 2 July as Coronation Street's Lloyd Mullaney. He's taken time off from Corrie to record a new series of Red Dwarf and tells Soaplife magazine that he's pledged his acting future to Corrie.

Digital Spy have quotes from the interview (as it's not available online) so it's only fair to link to them and you can read their piece here.

Craig says this about his work at Corrie: "I don't want to leave - I've just signed another extension. I had a three-year deal with options and I've just picked up my options. I'm going to be able to explore different sides to Lloyd's character."

Now then, I have no idea what "just picked up my options" means for an actor in terms of their contract, but if it means Craig remains free to present his wonderful BBC 6 Radio funk and soul show, that's great news.

Lloyd's return storyline sees him come face-to-face with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) while he is out working for another cab firm.

"He invested in a land deal in Jamaica with a family member, but it went belly up. So he's come back to Manchester and is working for a dodgy old cab firm and one day his engine blows up. When the smoke clears, Steve is standing there and they start chatting. Steve offers Lloyd a job back at Streetcars - but Lloyd gets the idea he's inviting him back as a partner."

Asked how Lloyd reacts to the news that Steve only wants him as a driver, the actor replied: "He's not happy. He says they have unfinished business and storms off and sleeps on Eileen's sofa for a couple of nights."  Let's hope the two of them will be friends again soon, Corrie needs a bromance.

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Danny-K said...

"...and storms off and sleeps on Eileen's sofa for a couple of nights..."

Uh oh! Danger! Danger! Based on 'previous' committed by Craig of how he treats sofa's when he gets ratty, Eileen should keep a very close eye on her sofa - because it's likely that's the last she'll see of it in one piece!

Kate said...

Sounds like a rather contrived way for Lloyd to return. Steve and Lloyd were reasonably good friends, were they not? So why would he hide his return back home from him, even if it was a failure of an expedition? Nevertheless, very much looking forward to Lloyd's return.

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad we'll have Lloyd and Steve together... my favorite scenes are Steve, Lloyd and Eileen in the cab office...
Rebecca from TO.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have lovely Lloyd back! Just hope the comment in the interview about exploring different sides of his character doesn't mean they'll turn him into a jerk. The street needs some good decent men.

Anonymous said...

"Bromance" - love it! Have Lloyd and Eileen ever hooked up? I cn't recall. Get rid of Paul and get those two together. Or, how about him and Maria? Something different.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Yay, glad Lloyd is coming back. I too love Lloyd Eileen & Steve together. The banter & humour between them is good Corrie stuff and with Eileen back on the switch in the cab office....bring it on!!

Nathan Johnson said...

Likeable character, the few in the street at the moment. Love his friendship with Steve and I like Craig Charles. Looking forward to his return.

Pat from Vermont said...

Why do the women of Corrie St. Fall for Peter Barlow? He's sullen, rude, violent, short-tempered, selfish (bringing in Carla the day after throwing Leanne out, really?) (confessing to murder to spare Carla and thus leaving Simon w/o a dad, really?), and worst of all in my Yankee opinion, humorless. Nick is hot, kind, and funny. No woman would think of him as second fiddle to Peter. Some realism please.


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