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Monday 25 June 2012

Corrie double episode review, Monday June 25 2012

We are all aware that language changes and even the famous lexicographer Doctor Johnson couldn't stop it despite his intense efforts. What then would he have made of Mary's new word 'coinkidink' as in coincidence, the 'coinkidink' being that both she and Norris are lovers of dancing. Mary comes over all excited and manages to persuade Norris, who is 'not one to boast' despite calling himself a 'smooth operator'  to go to Hayley's dance class.Mary is further overcome by revelations of Norris at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. She conjures up the magic of the place by her vivid  description of ''the swish of gowns, the flash of sequins and the magnificent organ rising out of the ground.' Mary with her slightly insane,outmoded view of life is a brilliant creation and it would be interesting to know  what others think. Her 'electrifying shoulder shimmies' may well rival Hayley's celebrated leg work which is apparently second to none.

Good to know that Mary had prepared herself for the dancing by 'carb-loading.' She informs us that she has devoured six power bars and a baked potato.' As Norris points out they're not scaling the North Face of the Eiger  Praise to the writers for the stunning line that Mary was 'channelling  Isadora Duncan' to whose free spirit she likens her own. According to Mary, Isadora was a free spirit who had an 'almost indecent lust for life.' Not entirely sure that Isadora would have demanded an Eccles cake though to recover from a sugar dip in the way Mary did. Out of Mary's earshot, Norris compares Mary to Anne Widdecombe. Perhaps we're all deluded to some extent?

What a mess! The love triangle;or should that be rectangle, given Peter's inevitable forthcoming involvement? Another fine performance by Eva who does 'nasty' so well  but also gains great sympathy from the viewer. She certainly has it in for Sunita. As the rejected affairee walks in to The Rovers for her shift, Eva says, 'Button your blouse up Sunita, it's not a knocking shop.' Vicious! But then she is trying to protect her mother, who does love the 'recovering' gambling addict Karl.

Nick didn't manage the situation with the sisters well by his own admission. Sympathy all round then for the manless, jobless and now sisterless Eva who turns to drink to escape her head. Leanne can just about match Eva calling her paranoid and possessive and throwing out, 'No wonder you can't keep a man.'

Eva launches another attack on Sunita as Sunita breaks some glasses. 'Clumsy cow,' she hisses,'Good job you're not still living here, the place would be trashed.' She's not yet finished as she tells Sunita that she'll take money from her wages to cover the costs.' And there's more! When Dev says he's going to make an honest woman of Sunita, Eva wishes him, 'Good luck with that.'

Marvellous stuff  and more mayhem to come. Didn't Peter and Carla look miserable tonight? Carla and a baby? Maybe.            .

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Anonymous said...

I just can't picture Carla with a baby. P.S. 'coinkidink' has been around in North America since the 50's. Sad but true.

MrsBarton said...

Coinkidink is a right old Manchester word, my nanna used to say it all the time !!

Frosty the Snowman said...

How can Leanne who is not Simon's natural mother take him to live with her ex husband against the child's real father's wishes? Absolute twaddle. Leanne wouldnt have a toe let alone a leg to stand on in Court.

Danny-K said...

Norris had the best lines in Monday's double episode:

A dismissive Norris retort about
Mary who insisted she had Isadora Duncan inside her whilst dancing:
"Either that or it was trapped wind!"

And later, a withering:
"Isadora Duncan? More like Anne Widdecome!"


Anonymous said...

I know a lot of you are fed up with Mary, but I still love her! All that passionate enthusiasm and romanticism! At one point it was the mere mention of Hayley's dancing teacher (Esteban or some such name) and she was swooning at the exoticism of it, already dreaming herself into another world. Highly entertaining and beautifully played!-NN

Humpty Dumpty said...

Mary's a great character provided she stays an eccentric with a dodgy past. It's when they make her mean and spiteful that she becomes a pain.


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